Very Cheap Sichuan Spicy Fish 水煮鱼@ Foodgle Hub NUS on 23Dec2013


水煮鱼 sichuan spicy fish in sichuan peppercorn sauce

a chinese friend had been recommending this very cheap 水煮鱼 ( sichuan spicy fish in sichuan peppercorn sauce) place at foodgle hub, NUS prince george’s park. foodgle hub is like a food court at the NUS hostel having stalls that sell vietnamese pho, noodles & nasi padang etc. 2 of us decided to go there f0r lunch on 23.12.2013. 🙂

double cooked belly pork

回锅肉 twice cooked belly pork

garlic fried kang kong

garlic fried kang kong

my friend ordered 3 dishes –  水煮鱼(top photo), 回锅肉 (twice-cooked belly pork) & a garlic kang kong, & 2 rice. the price was S$17!

my favourite dish the  水煮鱼 was really quite good. almost as good as chengdu restaurant’s. it was less spicy (almost like not spicy) but still had the very tasty flavour.

the 回锅肉 was quite ok, tasty too, very fatty, nice dish but nothing special.

the garlic kang kong was excellent, very good wok hae, very tasty.

S$17 is really super cheap for such nice dishes. I will be back soon to try the 水煮牛肉. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy