Always Enjoyable Xinlu Fishball Noodles 新路鱼圆面 on 22Jan2018

S$3 xinlu fishball noodles

had 新路鱼圆面lunch today on 22.1.2018….S$3 meepok tar..^^

xinlu 新路fishball noodles

went meiling food centre about 5 to noon, waited 10mins..after that queue was 2x longer

met OBT at the carpark with his tennis kaki jimmy ..they just finished tennis game…

S$3 xinlu fishball noodles

this noodles had been my favourite eons back (like 20/30yrs ago) when it was at margaret drive.

i still enjoy this occasionally, but not so hot on it these days to have it often..

S$3 xinlu fishball noodles

the fishballs always good – bouncy, sweet, tasty.

and the noodles were qq, just right & tasty chilli…i always have less noodles, so they gave me 6 fishballs instead of 5. i not too bothered… they usually remembered.

c.h.e.f andy


xinlu 新路 teochew fishball noodles
Blk 159 Mei Chin Road, Mei Ling Food Centre #02-05
Opening hours:
6am – 3pm, closed on Thursday


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