Daughter Bought Lunch – Happiness Seafood White Bee Hoon & Jin Xiang Ding Mutton Soup on 7Sep2018

white beehoon

daughter arranged 2pax lunch today on 7.9.2018. ^^

i fetched her at lunch time & we went to nearby kovan food centre.

daughter likes the white beehoon a lot. she bought S$5 WBH with sliced fish & clams to share. 🙂

the prawn based broth was tasty & there was quite a bit of sliced fish. larpok (crispy lard) was nice..overall a very pleasant dish.

for me, actually it was a very average dish…competent, tasty & nice enough certainly.

happiness seafood white beehoon

we sat next to the stall there was steady orders & food took 15 mins to arrive.

jin xiang ding pig organ mutton soup

menawhile i queued at jin xiang dig pig organ soup stall which sells a variet of double boiled soup & also chinese herbal mutton soup.

jin xiang ding mutton soup

was uncertain about the mutton soup as it does not appear to be a specialist stall selling too many other dishes.

but it was good, not cheap though for S$6 i counted like only 7 pieces of small ribs, like 2/3 of less of what cha chuan tou serves for same S$6.

but the ribs were very good, very tender, tasty, not strong gamey taste, and the soup also very good, mildly herbal & sweet.

i still prefer chai chuan tou at bukit merah view food centre of course! 🙂

very enjoyable lunch with daughter. i was picking up 3 packets of frozen prawns i bought on qoo10 from causeway pacific near here, so it was good arrangement to meet up with daughter for 2pax lunch.

the yutiao stall looked good, so i went to buy a S$0.80 yutiao & daughter & i shared the excess carb…worthwhile calories?? really shiok!

c.h.e.f andy


(1) Happiness Seafood White Beehoon


Kovan Market and Food Centre, 209 Hougang Street 21, #01-20

(2) Jin Ding Xiang Pig’s Organ Soup
Kovan Market and Food Centre, 209 Hougang Street 21, #01-08
Opening hours: 11am to 11pm

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