BTNR Dairy Farm Walk + Adam Road FC Makan on 2Sep2018

5.5km 1hr 38mins

went with wife to walk BTNR & dairy farm loop this afternoon on 2.9.2018. ^^

we only started dairy farm loop last week. today my 3rd time. this time endomondo recorded 5.5km & 1hr 38mins. there was an accidental pause during the walk & i adjusted the time & distance. not sure if accurate. will doublecheck next walk.


we take our usual route from visitors’ centre via southview path to summit.


today reached summit later after 26mins because longer break at the hut.

rengas path to dairy farm

went down rengas path to dairy farm loop.

dairy farm loop

not that easy for 1st timer. we did this 3rd time so quite ok.

dairy farm exit route

this way leads back to the jungle path joined near the summit & then down the paved road back to the visitors centre.

S$3 + S$1 cockles char kuay teow

we went to adam road hawker centre and put back all the calories immediately afterwards 😂😜

char kuay teow always good though not as good as the other day.

the stall was crowded though & waited at least 15mins…many foreigners/westerners tapao also.

ice kachang

ice kachang

S$5 orh luah

had the S$5 orh luah also ok not that good, maybe need to order S$8 to have enough oysters.

took the usual ice kachang. ok but now i find the ice kachang at tanglin halt koufu better,

and the ice kachang (also chendol) we had at great world city B1 food junction on 25.8.2018 also better.

c.h.e.f andy


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