Delicious Sharks Cartilage and Salted Egg Bittergourd 5pax RI Buddies Lunch@ Zai Shun on 3Sep2018

5 lunch dishes

had 5pax lunch at zai shun on 3.9.2018. ^^

4 of us went in one car. HK came separately himself, after dropping son at jurong east mrt.

long queue @ zai shun

long queue @ zai shun

we arrived & parked before 11.30am. still there was a queue of 8pax or so, and the queue became longer & remained so during lunch hour.

we got a table but later arrivals have to wait for tables in the large coffesshop space.

opening hours

they closed on wed. open other days 7am to 3pm.

teochew steamed treadfin head S$35

i ordered 5 dishes for 6pax, cos DP was going to join us. but he couldn’t find the place and after going through much trouble & inconveniences he turned back, so we had 5pax lunch.

the treadfin fish head was done teochew style. it was competent, ok just didn’t stand out, something i can easily do at home & most zi char place can do. treadfin head also ok, lot of meat but not specially tasty like ang kueh (red snapper) or 幼 like soon hock or red garoupa.

fermented beans (taujeon) lime steamed sharks cartilage S$40

though the shop is called zai shun curry fish head which should be good, very few tables took the curry fish head..i think the steam fish here more popular.

the most popular dish is doubtless the taujeon lime steamed sharks cartilage.

very tasty tangy sauce & excellent gelatinous texture, though quite a bit of bones so not that many pieces of gelatinous cartilage for 5pax, but enough. 🙂

pig trotters S$16

pig trotters S$16

first time i tried the trotters. actually this the hock (元蹄), so S$16 was quite ok.

it was good, great texture, great braise (lor), not the best most fragrant but preety good standard. 🙂

salted egg bitter gourd S$10

the salted egg bitter gourd was the other favourite dish here. everyone orders it. & it comes only in 1 size for 1-2pax or in our case 5pax..again good enough portion.

very tasty. in my opinion better than my own, though HK said this a bit wet & mine was better.

fried spinach S$6

spinach was ordinary, not great actually. but also because it was cold.

we waited for DP, and only started when the last dish, the steamed treadfin fish head, was served, so maybe 15-20mins in between after the spinach was served.

fermented beans (taujeon) lime steamed sharks cartilage S$40

lunch was S$110. good food great lunch & good time for all, enough for 6pax so a great time for 5pax la. 🙂

after lunch we adjourned to IMM for a cuppa. i took teh halia gosong. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


Zai Shun 载顺 Zi Char


253 Jurong East Street 24, #01-205, Singapore 600253

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