Expensive Still Very Good Dimsum @ Imperial Treasure Nanbei on 2Sep2018

har gao

family decided to have dimsum today at imperial treasure nanbei on 2.9.2018. ^^

crowded before 12pm. we were told to put on waitlist 30mins got table in about 15mins on a sunday. 🙂

last time we came here was 1yr ago dinner on 26.8.2017. not that satisfying!

this time lunch dimsum better la… 🙂

har gao was good as always.

carrot pastry

carrot pastry wife likes. 🙂

charcoal roasted pork collar

charcoal roasted pork collar wife’s favourite. we all liked it.. 🙂

very smooth, tender, flavourful…maybe i will try to make this..

xo fried carrot cake

the xo fried carrot cake was S$14 c/w S$5.50 on the order chit, but it was a much larger serving & quite different. a tasty dish so quite worth/ 🙂

steamed pork ribs

steamed pork ribs among the best here.

meaty, tasty here, not like other places lot of fat or just bones. 🙂

the steamed chicken feet also one of the best. but i did not take photo.


xiaolongbao very nice broth inside. skin is thin & held up well. stuffing was tasty.

fried fupijuan

the fried fupijuan not as good as some other places, a bit oily, old.

fried rice

fried rice now S$28 for small!????

but small was enough for 4pax still very ex. nice enuf for me but wife & children though today not as good as usual.

S$133 for 4pax lunch

crispy prawns cheong fun

we had a prawn cheong fun. it was good too. i forgot to take photo.

then wife ordered this crispy prawn cheong fun. it was excellent, the best dish today! great texture & taste, will absolutely order again!

4pax lunch was S$133 rather ex i guess but we enjoyed it.

c.h.e.f andy


imperial treasure nanbei

opening hours:

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