Delectable S$38 3-course Set Lunch @ La Taperia on 4Sep2018

galician octopus

my RI bro CL bought 3pax lunch at la taperia on 4.9.2018. ^^

all the dishes were delicious & exquisite. thoroughly enjoyed the lunch. & service was good too, polite attentive & responsive. 🙂

the galician octopus was excellent, very tender & tatsy. 🙂


baguette was good too. we asked for a second serving. here there was slight blemish on the service, as the server did not inform us that they charged an extra S$4 for the bread.

this is NOT a good practice, you should always inform your customer & let them decide if they want to pay for it. we were ok to pay the additional S$4.

chacuterie board

chacuterie was the usual, good enuf standard, and also a good serving. chorizo & parma ham were good & the tomato salsa was very good. 🙂


asparagus was again excellent like the galician octopus. very tender & sweet, nice tasty bacon wrap & excellent bearnaise sauce.

lamb rump excellent

for me the lamb rump was the best dish, really tasty & tender.

lamb rump excellent

quite perfect, wonder if i can do this dish. must google & see any good recipes…

really love this dish, even more than the octopus & asparagus.

seafood stew

asturia seafood stew

asturia seafood stew was very good too. CL & CM liked it very much.

for me, it was not the best. stock was primarily shellfish based, though ingredients included rock fish, a very deep flavoured lobster bisque like veloute. i like it to have more sweetness of fish like bouillabaise.

grilled USA pork

grilled USA pork

the grilled USA pork was tasty & tender enough. it was lean meat & not iberico so not as flavourful & marbled but really very good pork.

dessert – churros & pavlova


pavlova was nicely done, light, well baked, tasty.

think i will try making this i think “simple” dessert. let’s see. 🙂


churros with chocolate sauce was good. 🙂

bill S$142 for 3pax after $20 off

the very enjoyable 3pax lunch was S$142 with the supplemnets & after stanchart S$20 discounts.

lamb rump excellent

sure to come back again, especially for the lamb rump.

a really great lunch with my RI bros.

c.h.e.f andy


La Taperia

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