Scrumptious Zi Char Home Dinner for 10pax RI Bros on 27Aug2018

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡太棒了!

made a scrumptious 10pax RI 14bros zi char dinner on 27.8.2018. ^^ ..missing TC, HAB, CJ & BT.

1 gimson nonya sauce steamed tilapia 👍
2 spicy black bean sauce steamed song fish head 松鱼头
3 yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 with ginger soring onions dip 👍
4 german knuckles
5 JB yawang 鸭皇 roast duck chong lee brought 👍
6 salted egg pork chop👍
7 salted egg bittergourd
8 white beehoon 👍

CM brought ching chow dessert

LCH brought daily scoop lai chee & salted mr brown oce creams

TCH brought cut hami melon

J brought grapes..others brought wine blueberries etc

really shiok dinner..missed TC…..

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡太棒了!best this evening. very tasty, tender & sweet. 🙂 everyone’s favourite.

and i was inspired by noodle place to make the minced ginger scallion sauce as the dip = minced 3 stalks spring onions, 2cm ginger, 3tbsp olive oil, 1/2 tbsp sesame oil, 1/4tsp salt.

JB yawang roast duck

CL returned from melacca today & bought yawang roast duck 十全烤鸭.

sauce was flavourful. duck was ok but a bit dry…i told CL next time buy the whole duck uncut, i will debone it.

german knuckles (recipe here) was really crackling,

the coke (i used coke cos it was S$0.85 vs like S$4.60 for beer) with red wine sauce & mustard also gave a nice flavorur to the meat. a successful dish.

salted egg pork chop

salted egg pork chop also very good. both CM & KK both commented.

i used the salted egg paste given to me by WM & J. ^^

salted egg bittergourd

salted egg bittergourd was good too.

spicy black bean sauce song fish head 松鱼头

KK commented both fishes were steamed perfect timing & excellent texture.

a really lovely dish. the thickened sauce which is flavourful & tangy need to be taken with the fish in the correct amount.

gimson nonya steamed tilapia

everyone love the superb gimson nonya steamed tilapia.

this was the same excellent dish at restoran yawang at jln segget JB on 28.7.2018.^^

white bee hoon

today’s white bee hoon was superbly delicious. ^^

very well infused with intense chicken & prawn stocks.

for the dish preparations, yim goke gai 盐焗鸡 (recipe here) was salted for 5hrs & washed thoughly, then stuffed with spring onions, red onions, cut ginger, 6 garlic cloves, and 2 tbsp huatio wine 花雕酒.

becos the salt baked chicken was wrapped in baking paper then aluminium foil & placed in 175degC oven for 1hr 45mins (1hr 15mins + open up wrapping 30mins), it was very tender & moist, and also sweeter with the salt & also all the aromatics in the cavity & the sweet huatiao wine,

more so than poached chicken 白斩鸡.

crackling german knuckles

my second try at german knuckles also very successful. recipe here.

very crackling becos salt on the skin pulled out the water content & 3hrs in 175deg oven, flavourful becos coke & red wine on a bed of onions also ensured that the meat is moist & not overcooked over 3hrs.

JB yawang roast duck

though sauce was still flavourful, the duck meat itself was a little dry &

not like the first time we had this yawang roast duck at sentosa JB. somehow even the colour also different.

spicy black bean sauce steamed song fish head

spicy black bean sauce steamed song fish head

i made the sauce with 1heap tbsp lee kum kee sauce, 1tbsp lemon juice, 1 tbsp flat sugar, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp mirin, 1tbsp corn flour to thicken & 1.5tbsp light soy sauce.

then heated & mixed over stove & just right to thicken the sauce.

i like this-

hk street chun ke commonwealth crescent level 2 thickened sauce

better than

hk street old chun kee wetter sauce also at commonwealth crescent coffeeshop.

gimson nonya steamed tilapia

gimson nonya steamed tilapia

all credits to gimson nonya sauce only availabel in malaysia? which my OPS bro WM, my sis & Jeanette all bought for me when they were in JB.

2 heap tbsp gimson nonya sauce, 1.5 tbsp light soy sauce, 2tbsp mirn, 2 tbsp oilve oil.

salted egg pork chop

salted egg pork chop

i used frozen pork chops from sheng shiong, sliced the 5 pieces to make 10, marinated with fish sauce, white pepper & 1tbsp corn flour.

then shallow fry…i hate deepfrying as waste a lot of oil after that no occasion to reuse. 🙂

salted egg bittergourd

salted egg bittergourd

salted egg bittergourd also good this evening, though may not stand out among all the great dishes this evening. 🙂

minced one cooked salted egg, fried bittergourd with salted egg & set aside. when about to serve, heat up, add a little oil, fried 2 eggs on the side till eggs harden, the fold over the bittergourd. excellent zai shun famous dish!

white bee hoon

white bee hoon

white bee hoon

the white beehoon this evening was among the favourite dishes, very tasty very well infused, just right texture, lots of larpok (crispy lard) and prawns & squid succulent, done just right.

cut hami melon

TCH brought nice sweet hami melon.

CM’s cheng chow dessert

CM’s cheng chow dessert

tai kor CM now our regular tong shui 糖水supplier.

& LCH brought nice salted mr brown & laichee ice cream from daily scoop. ^^

nonya kueh

nonya kueh

nonya kueh

nonya kueh

nonya kueh

and CL brought the nonya kuehs from melacca.

yim goke gai 盐焗鸡太棒了!

a very fun evening with RI bros, delectable dishes & wonderful time together, missed TC.

c.h.e.f andy

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