The Best Pong’s Laksa with 白斩鸡Kampung Chicken 5pax Dinner on 24Aug2018

pong’s laksa thick beehoon mee with 白斩鸡kampung chicken

my RI bro CM brought 4 packets of pong’s laksa paste the other evening when he came for RI bros 7pax ramen dinner last week on 17.8.2018.

i did pong’s laksa once for my RI bros 6pax on 16.3.2018…

this the first time i do for my OPS bros WM & WT. HC was busy couldn’t make it. wife & CM joined dinner so we had 5pax this evening on 24.8.2018. ^^

白斩鸡kampung chicken

for today i made 白斩鸡kamoung chicken to top up laksa like ah heng’s curry chicken noodles. 🙂

i used kampung chicken it is smaller so i adjusted timing to 10mins boil (usually 12mins) & 25mins poached.

白斩鸡kampung chicken

白斩鸡kampung chicken

beautiful & really sweet, tasty, tender & moist 白斩鸡kampung chicken.

i prepared a sauce 1tbsp fish sauce 1 tbsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp light soil sauce & added over the chicken, really excellent!

Pong’s laksa paste👍 S$4.80 packet for 4-5pax

for laksa gravy i used pong’s laksa CM brought, 1 packet is good for 5pax.

Pong’s laksa using intense chicken stock, taupok & teochew fish cake

i fried laksa paste & laksa leaves, then added intense chicken stock.

i boiled the taupok till soft for 40mins, then added teochew fish cake and 300ml coconut milk (recipe at back of packet called for 400ml but 300ml was more than enough). then off fire & mixed in 50ml of evaporated milk. the gravy was simply delicious!

pong’s laksa thick beehoon mee with 白斩鸡kampung chicken

i also had chopped laksa leaves, fish cake & crispy chili. 🙂

pong_s laksa thick beehoon mee with 白斩鸡kampung chicken

the gravy was so delicious!

& fantastic with the crispy chili..

with 2 large fresh prawns

i forgot to serve the large prawns.

CM had a second serving so i added 2 large prawns for him. 🙂

WT’s chashu 👍👍👍

WT’s chashu 👍👍👍

& WT broght his chashu, first time he made jap chashu, already very tasty & excellent texture, and the 6mins runny yoke egg also excellent, very tasty braise.

WT brought 6kg msw

WT brought 6kg msw

after dinner we retired to the room, and enjoyed the 6kg msw WT brought from SKC sin kian choon.

there were 3 durians in the box – 1 was excellent the best, 1 was very good, & the last was ok.

with 2 large fresh prawns

pong’s laksa very easy to make, nothing to do really, and quite perfect with the 白斩鸡kampung chicken and the large prawns.

i think better than most laksa outside.

and 1 packet made 6 bowls today, & i had enough leftover gravy to make 2 bowls for wife & i the next day.

a very enjoyable evning with wife & close friends & bros.

c.h.e.f andy

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