Pong’s Laksa (Leftovers just as Heavenly) on 25Aug2018

pong’s laksa

i had some leftover gravy from last evening’s 5pax pong’s laksa home dinner. ^^

so i made 2 bowls of laksa from the leftovers for wife & me for lunch today.

pong’s laksa 

the gravy was really superb, heavenly, especially with chopped laksa leaves & crispy chili. 🙂

pong’s laksa

there was no more chicken, or just a few shreds for wife.

so i added large prawns…i prepared 10 prawns for last evening, but only used 2 for CM’s second bowl as i forgot about the prawns.

pong’s laksa

pong’s laksa

today’s laksa was just as perfect as last evening’s.

no more chicken but the prawns were really excellent – sweet, bouncy, tasty. 🙂

so actually i made a total of 8 bowls from 1 packet of pong’s laksa…of course i added very little gravy each bowl, but i think laksa should be served like that, good ingredients, excellent gravy but not too much, qq beehoon mee & lots of chopped laksa leaves & crispy chili.

the gravy was simply out of this world.

c.h.e.f andy


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