Delicious Ramen, Bakuteh & Salt Baked Chicken 7pax RI Buddies Lunch on 17Aug2018

bakuteh prime ribs

made 7pax home bakuteh & ramen lunch for my RI buddies today on 17.8.2018. ^^

quite efficient start for today. 🙂

got up at 7am to cook braised belly pork with vegetables dish for 140pax teban gardens community breakfast & delivered at 8.45am & back home by 9.15am.

cooked the bakuteh (1hr).

CH came at 11am & we went together to holland dr to close some account. everything went smoothly & we were back at 11.45am & i told the friends that we would be back by then. 🙂

bakuteh prime ribs

i chose the prime ribs w/o the lean big loin portion.

the parts near the bones with the streaky parts are most tender & tasty for bkt. it was a bit long though, next time i ask them to chop it.

bakuteh prime ribs

bakuteh prime ribs

bakuteh easy to do & nice. ribs were tender & sweet & very important to have good dark sauce & cut chilli padi.

the soup was a bit salty for my friends. this need to be “to taste”. for myself, i prefer to do it more tasty & intense then add boiling water if too salty. the last time i told the friends to add water themselves this time forgot to.

ramen with chashu, braised pork soft bones & face meat

i made the 6mins runny yoke eggs a day before & kept in the chiller in the pork soft bone braise for the colour.

i used the seriouseats chashu method 4hrs in 130degC oven (6hrs for pork soft bones) to make the chashu, braised pork soft bones & for today i had happened to make face meat also.

hakata & miyazaki ramen & ilc bkt sachet

i did not have any more ichiran ramen, so had to make do with 2 packets eahc of hakata ramen & miyazaki ramen bought few days back from donki at amara hotel. 🙂

for bkt, i used the usual ilc sachet, tasty good enough for me. 🙂

runny yoke egg

6mins runny yoke egg pretty standard, though still not perfect, 1 egg a bit ruined.

chashu & face meat

the face meat very fatty. i cut away the fat which was like 50%. it was ok but texture a bit like jelly not really my favourite.

salt baked chicken 盐焗鸡

salt baked chicken 盐焗鸡

the salt baked chicken 盐焗鸡  quite perfect today. i did 1hr 15mins fully wrapped in baking paper & aluminium foil in 170degC oven, then 30mins open up to give a drier not steamed not grilled texture.

salt baked chicken 盐焗鸡

messed up the deboning. friends all arrived so rushing a bit. anyway chicken was nice & tender. KH said it’s tastier than 白斩鸡. i do not prefer this to 白斩鸡 myself (I like both equally).

fried leeks with oyster sauce

i made some simple veg dish, fried garlic with oyster sauce. it was good.

ramen with chanshu, braise pork soft bones & face meat

today the ramen itself was not as good as ichiran ramen which i made the other day for another group of 6pax RI bros on 6.8.2018. 🙂

since i did not have ichiran ramen, have to make do. have not tried both the hakata (same locality as ichiran brand) ramen or miyazaki, so i cooked first 1 packet hakata shared by 3, then the miyazaki shared by 2. i decided hakata tasted better than miyazaki so the 3rd packet for CL & myself i made the hakata ramen.

for the first 2 ramen packets i tasted the broth but not the ramen. as 2.5 mins was just right for ichiran, i did not follow the instructions 3mins. so i think 1st packet for HAB, KH, CH was ramen undercooked though HAB felt his was ok. the second packet i kept longer maybe 2mins45secs for HK & LKY. the 3rd packet i decided to taste the ramen & indeed needed to cook longer so i think full 3mins for CL & myself.

for myself the texture was perfect at 3mins.

ramen was good enough i guess if you don’t make comparison, but clearly not near the best ramen you can eat outside. the tonkotsu stock is the most important, so ichiran is of the standard but these 2 are not quite there.

my slow braised pork soft bones quite perfect now so both groups (the earlier on 6.8.2018) and today both loved the pork soft bones.

KH liked the chashu better! today’s chashu was a lot better than what i had on 6.8.2018. very very good standard.

c.h.e.f andy


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