Great Dimsum @ 苏小柳 at Crystal Galleria 晶品Mall on 17Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

thai durian ridiculous price

this our last day in shanghai, flying back to singapore past midnight flight ie 18.6.2018. 🙂

after a great breakfast at puli hotel, went with wife to the supermarket at kerry centre across the road.

saw thai durians at ridiculous can see these too along the roadside stalls also all split open & zero flavours!

thai durian ridiculous price

the thai durian were selling ridiculous price (who eats thai durians?) like S$18 for 3 seeds.

white peaches 水蜜桃

wife later bought some white peaches 水蜜桃 to bring back singapore.

苏小柳 dimsum at basement of crystal galleria mall 晶品

wife meeting son for lunch.

WT arranged to meet our OPS schoolmate LH & her hubby P (working & living in shanghai) 11.30am for dimsum lunch at 苏小柳, basement of crystal galleria 晶品.

place was packed at 11.30am, and WT came earlier to get a 4pax table. 🙂

pig trotters

pork trotters the best perfect texture..superb = best dish for me….

pig trotters

i must try making that..

garlic ribs蒜香骨

garlic ribs蒜香骨

pork rib 蒜香排骨good but usual standard. 🙂


小笼包excellent! soup so very tasty among the best i had.


锅贴 also very soup inside also very tasty.

drunken crab 六月黄

drunken crab 六月黄

drunken crab 六月黄 was incredible for the price = 3 for 2 promo so 3 crabs for RMB30!

how to beat that?


黄鱼春卷spring roll is their signature dish. it was very good indeed, very sweet 黄鱼fillings & crispy skin…still a spring roll is a spring roll for me…

fried vege

nice vege, not sure what it was…like heng chye…chinese spinach?

葱油饼-waste of time

葱油饼-waste of time

葱油饼-for me a waste of time la…

RMB246 for 4pax dimsum lunch @ 苏小柳

RMB246 for 4pax dimsum lunch @ 苏小柳…

very good price i would say for the food..



after lunch LH & P went to 朱家角, WT & i walked around went to 刘长胜故居..a very good historical display👍

after that we went back to puli hotel drink coffee & watch movies..

wife had lunch with son & they came back to puli shortly.

we rested & chilled, then 3 of us took a cab to xintiandi.

c.h.e.f andy




地址: 愚68晶品LG1-33A

电话: 021-62400077

Opening Hours:

营业时间:周一至周日 daily 10:30-22:00



Excellent 鸦片鱼头and 4pax Dinner @ 陈记 on 16Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)


we walked from the bund 外白渡桥to another wonderful meal at 陈记, a neighbourhood 大排档,looking forward to the 鸦片鱼头

WT & GY took me here during my last trip in nov2017, so this was my second visit here.

GY as usual ordered lots of food…

best was 鸦片鱼头. excellent! wife & i agreed that the 葱焖鸦片鱼头 老吉士天平路still better than this..

口水鸡,海瓜子,凤尾鱼,臭豆腐,炸猪皮,槽头, 酒酿圆子👍

鸦片鱼头, a flatfish head, was excellent!

this the HK steam style 港蒸,and the fish was excellent, fresh, very sweet with flesh like cod & soft head bone structure like a salmon head.

WT had brought this 鸦片鱼头 back singapore & gave me 4 pieces (2 full heads) over 2 occasions & i have cooked it for friends & family. such an excellent fish but cannot get this in singapore.


the 口水鸡 was very good also.

it’s a dish often served in singapore restaurant, so nothing special but very well done, very competent.


凤尾鱼 i don’t see in singapore except eons ago (like 50yrs back when we sometimes take canned 凤尾鱼. maybe it is still selling now.


海瓜子again something i don’t see in singapore, certainly the live, fresh version. but i think i have taken the marinated/cured version before..


the deepfried pigskin was very well done.

the soup was very very tasty…


草头 a bit “siap” astringent.

not a favourite but i guess i am ok with it.


a salad, ok.


the yellow croaker soup 小黄鱼汤 was very sweet & tasty..


the 锅贴 was good too.


and i quite like the 酒酿汤圆, sweet but not too sweet.


dinner for 4pax was about rmb380.

this a much more worthwhile meal than what we had at 胖胖河畔小吃@朱家角 lunch yesterday.

c.h.e.f andy



外白渡桥 Garden Bridge and 上海人民英雄纪念塔on 16Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

东方明珠from 外白渡桥 

WT & GY arranged to meet us at nanjingxilu station at 4pm on 16.6.2018. ^^


we walked along yuanmingyuan road 圆明园路 which is a pedestrian walking street, to 外白渡桥, where 黄浦江 meets 苏州河.

usually i go to the bund 外滩 from nanjingxilu. this the first time i came by 外白渡桥.

黄浦江from 外白渡桥

a shot of huangpu river 黄浦江from 外白渡桥.

东方明珠from 外白渡桥

东方明珠from 外白渡桥

东方明珠from 外白渡桥 

and of course 东方明珠 and the impressive pudong skyline is just across the river.

上海人民英雄纪念塔at 外白渡桥

there is a shanghai peoples’ hero memorial 上海人民英雄纪念塔at 外白渡桥, commemorating those who helped to free China from foreign occupation.

上海人民英雄纪念塔at 外白渡桥

上海人民英雄纪念塔at 外白渡桥

this is at the huangpu park, the oldest and smallest park of the city & the first to be open to public.

the park was closed to Chinese people between 1890 and 1928, and according to a popular story telling, a sign at the park’s gate read “No dogs or Chinese allowed”.

外白渡桥 Garden Bridge

外白渡桥 Garden Bridge is the first all-steel bridge.

外白渡桥 Garden Bridge

外白渡桥 Garden Bridge, with unique design & a rich history, is one of the symbols of Shanghai and a landmark bridge.

yuanmingyuan road 圆明园路 which is a pedestrian walking street 

we came by this yuanmingyuan road 圆明园路, which is a pedestrian walking street.

former union church @ 外滩白渡桥

former union church @ 外滩白渡桥

former union church @ 外滩白渡桥

 at the end of yuanmingyuan road 圆明园路, there is the former union church at the corner with south suzhou road.

we found a cafe opposite the church. the a joint that WT & GY come sometime for coffee.

we had a cuppa & chillax before taking a walk to our dinner place, 陈记。

c.h.e.f andy