Pete’s Paella Mixta, RI Makan Group 11pax Fishy Dinner on 3Jul2018

pete’s paella mixta

had 11pax RI makan group fishy dinner this evening (in the end only 2 fish dishes but got seafood dishes ika sugatayaki & chorizo prawns)….

(HAB joined afterwards for msw…we waited for him to arrive before attacking the fruit!)

pete cooked paella mixta….i missed that 1 yr ago in london when pete invited my family but we couldn’t make got chance to try today..

pete in the kitchen

pete very much at home in the kitchen..his paella mixta is the real thing with loads of ingredients including safron. he brought everything including the aborio rice, prawns, squid, littelneck clams, onions, garlic etc …great stuff!

we had 10 dishes-

1 pumpkin mesclun salad
2 nobu miso cod
3 teriyaki salmon belly
4 jap chashu + flamed moso belly pork
5 orange & jam chicken (Dubrovnik 16th century castrated rooster recipe)
6 ika sugatayaki (grilled whole squid)
7 chorizo prawns
8 roasted vegetables
9 (pete’s paella mixta)
10 seafood tagliatelle

finished off with msw from ah seng

pumpkin rocket salad

grilled pumpkin the evening before, 20mins in 250degC oven, added olive oil, a bit balsamic, sea salt, and a bit honey (or agave nectar also can – i din have).

pumpkin rocket salad

tossed with mesclun (mixed salad veg) and cherry tomatoes only when serving, and added sea salt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar & honey (or agave nectar) to taste… 🙂

cannot do earlier or mesclun would be soft..

teriyaki salmon belly + nobu miso cod

my usual teriyaki salmon belly + nobu miso cod, always favourite dishes for my family & friends. 🙂

teriyaki salmon belly

many actually liked the salmon belly more. it is fattier, browned more & the seasoning which included more chopped garlic, and chopped ginger, is more complex. & excellent with the dill.

today though the skin was not so well done…should have flamed the skin, but doing a few other things so forgot…

it’s 1/2 the price of cod so a very worthwhile dish.

nobu miso cod

nobu miso cod always good, a tasty, well miso-infused fatty, flaky fish…always my favourite as much as the salmon belly.

orange + jam chicken

my dubrovnik 16th century orange + jam chicken (i replaced the honey with strawberry jam) was not my best this evening.

still good, especially the thigh. the breast slightly on the done side though still moist & tender…the best when i did for wife’s friend they said it was “exquisite”…

orange + jam chicken

1/2 deboned chicken, marinated with fish sauce & white pepper, then juice of 2 oranges overnight in fridge, drained dry next day, high fire pan fried skin down, then turned over, added back the orange juice, added jam, covered & cooked while reducing the sauce.

then removed chicken & reduced sauce to a thick delicious dip.

flamed miso belly pork + jap chashu

the chashu was better than the miso pork..

jap chashu

revisited the jap chashu couple times recently (3.5hrs in 130degC oven) & kept in ziploc bag in  chiller overnight, nearly perfecting it. very tender & sauce flavouring was good.

miso belly pork

miso belly pork using the usual recipe, 6hrs in 90degC oven, then drained dry & flamed, not as good(as tender). i think i will switch to the chashu method.

ika sugatayaki

all the friends loved the ika sugatayaki (grilled whole squid)

ika sugatayaki

basically steamed to cook 90%, put in fridge to drain dry, then added olive oil, sea salt, drizzled with honey & flamed to give the bbq “chowtar” flavours.

really lovely dish….diners cut themselves, good audience partcipation…hahaha! ^^

chorizo prawns

they all loved the chorizo pranws. i had 11 medium prawns for 11pax…we know who ate 2, then 3, then 5 lol!

but actually only after i prepared a second batch using the same prawns reserved for the seafood tagliatelle.

chorizo flavoured sauce was excellent, prawns were just cooked, plump, bouncy, succulent, the red peppers were sweet.

grilled vegetables

grilled vegetables

i pan-grilled some vegetables-red 7 yellow peppers, zucchini & yellow onions. seasoned with olive oil, balsamic, and sea salt.

grilled vegetables

& oven grilled some corns & pumpkin. corn were nice with butter, sea salt, a bit honey seasoning. i should have flamed the corn & pumpkin though…forgot also…

cherries & grapes

ah seng MSW

SCG wife’s coffee ice cream

squid tagliatelle

the last dish was a squid tagliatelle (used up the reserved prawns for chorizo prawns liao).

a delightful dish, very tasty & just al dente pasta, quite perfect this evening i think.

pasta very easy to make. like anything else, stock is the key. my chicken stock was very tasty & intense, and i added prawn head & shell stock as well. & i had sweet red & yellow pepper cooked just nice with the stock as well. so when serving just cooked the squid not to overcook otherwise rubbery, off fire, added in the pasta, added 1 tbsp gourmet butter & tossed.

pete cooked a delicious paella mixta. i tasted the stock it was also very tasty, so the paella was tasty, and i took more second serving. it was a big dish, so the stock a little diluted by the amount of rice & ingredients. it would be very tasty if less rice. stock & rice or pasta portioning always a experimental, touch & go thing…

HK brought 2 small champagne, 3 white wines, CCG brought very nice jap roku gin & 4 tonic drinks. SCG brought nice coffee ice cream by wife and red wine, KH brought koropok, CL brought fruits & tv box to watch world cup soccer & YF helped to connect up,..

HAB joined after dinner and we had ah seng’s MSW & watched world cup (sweden vs switzerland), and chilled.

a really enjoyable evening with old school friends & buddies. loks like pete will come singapore more often…

c.h.e.f andy