Excellent Unagi Kebayaki @ B2 Reel Mall Food Hall on 16Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

joel robuchon le salon pastry shop

there are 3 malls next to our hotel puli at jingansi station. ^^

reel mall is right by the hotel, and it connects underground past the metro station to crystal gallery. lippo centre is across the road.

after a good hotel breakfast, we walked over to reel mall. joel robuchon is located here, and le salon, joel robuchon’s pastry shop, was the first shop as we entered reel mall..

JR just closed shop in sentosa..chinese much richer & prices no doubt higher than singapore!

B2 food hall of reel mall

there was a food hal at B2 of reel mall, with good standard food specialty stalls..

braised goose @ B2 food hall of reel mall

braised goose @ B2 food hall of reel mall

the teochew braised goose stall looked good.

payment at the mall are mostly by QR scanning no cash. this stall didn’t know how to use the credit card machine for foreign cards, so we were not able to buy.

cake shop @ B2 food hall of reel mall

cake shop @ B2 food hall of reel mall

cake shop @ B2 food hall of reel mall

thee are interesting cakes, tiramisu etc at one cake stall..

piccolo latte

seesaw cafe @ L5 reel mall

on the higher floors there are restaurants & cafe..we had a good piccolo latte at seesaw cafe (a chain) at level 5….

it was pretty good, though not better than tiong hoe in singapore.

cafe at L4

there was a spacious open area, so we sat there to sip our coffee.

cafe at L4

there were restaurants at every level.

on L4, there was a place for painters/artists to practice on their palette, and sip coffee.

view of jingansi from reel mall

this photo of jingansi was from i think level 4.

bought sashimi & unagi etc from reel mall

we went to look around at crystal galleria which is connected underground to B2 of reel mall past the jingansi metro station.

after that we bought sashimi & unagi etc from reel mall & went back to our hotel room to enjoy the food. 🙂

sashimi RMB118

the sashimi rmb118 were relatively ex..2 botan ebi were good..the others hotate, salmon, atlantic surf clam below par can get better in singapore supermarkets like donki!

sashimi RMB118

other than the 2 botan ebi, sashimi was otherwise mediocre = hotate ok but not as good as the ones we bought from donki singapore, and salmon was not the better belly cuts.

grilled prawns

grilled prawns also so so.

bought sashimi & unagi etc from reel mall

the live unagi 河鳗 – really good whole unagi kebayaki for rmb108.

excellent! top draw, the best! ^^

live unagi

these were live river eel in the tanks.

unagi kebayaki RM108

they grilled on the spot…quite fabulous unagi kebayaki!

bought sashimi & unagi etc from reel mall

we decided to relax & chill at our hotel room, drink coffee & watch movie.

weather was hot, and we were meeting WT & GY later at nanjing donglu station to go to 外滩, and then to 陈记for dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy