Good S$29.80 Lobster & Patin Fish 4pax OPS Bro Dinner @ Ah Yat Grandstand on 23Jul2018

2 boston lobsters steamed in superior stock

my OPS bros 四兄弟 had 4pax dinner at ah yat grandstand this evening on 23.7.2018. ^^

WT is back from shanghai & a good time for 4 of us to try the S$29.80 again together.. 🙂

i ordered 2 boston lobsters steamed in superior stock 上汤焗. today though as WM said the flavours were a bit 淡, not as tasty sauce as we had some times.

lobster itself was live & so fresh & sweet. 🙂

2 crabs pumpkin sauce

2 crabs pumpkin sauce

i ordered 2 crabs (<500g size) – i think S$39.90 for 2.

i had pepper crab recently so for today i ordered pumpkin sauce, and 4 fried buns 馒头.

WT & WM felt 1 crab had a strange slight bitter taste. i didn’t feel it myself, but i felt the 2 crabs were not sweet like sri lankan crabs. quite odd that fresh live crabs not sweet, not sure they were indonesian mud crabs or vietnamese crabs. i though all crabs are sweet!

the sauce was good, and quite good with the  fried buns 馒头. the crabs were ok, just that somehow not the very sweet crab meat one expects.

steamed patin fish with minced ginger 姜蓉

the steamed patin fish with minced ginger 姜蓉was excellent!

patin my favourite fish & i like this preparation.

WM maybe preferred the hong kong steamed style, just very “pang” flavour of light soy sauce. i like HK steam style too.

4 frogs gongbao style

we had 4 frogs done gong bao style. we asked for less sweet.

froglegs were done well. sauce this evening just ok, somehow not as good as previous times i had.

4 dishes @ ah yat grandstand

dinner for 4pax was S$193nett. nothing to complain about for the dishes we had.

the dishes also tasted not too bad, just that my expectations a bit more than what they delivered this evening.

another problem was the long delay for the dishes to be served, about 40-45mins for the first dish in a quite low patrons evening, we think because the 2 servers who took our orders separately did not co-ordinate well & forgot to activate the kitchen to start cooking our orders.

c.h.e.f andy


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The Best Red Wine Belly Pork Home Dinner on 22Jul2018

kale, flamed red wine slow braised belly pork on mash 

wife bought some kale & wanted to experiment on roasted kale this evening on 22.7.2018.^^

so i did a red wine belly pork & potato mash (both first time) to replicate the excellent dish i had at my RI bro birthday set lunch at foc on 17.7.2018. 🙂

kale, flamed red wine slow braised belly pork on mash

first time i made mash=it was very good.👍👍👍both wife & daughter loved it!

i didn’t add milk & heavy cream. i just had gourmet butter, chopped garlic, olive oil, salt & ground black pepper.

the flamed red wine slow braised red wine belly pork was just exquisite=perfect texture (braised 4hrs in 130degC oven) and wonderful flavours (red wine, strawberry jam, mustard, mirin, and scallions, red onions, garlic).

crayfish linguine in white wine sauce

only youngest daughter joining dinner, so we just made 2 dishes for 3pax dinner.

crayfish tagliatelle in white wine sauce

i had crayfish in the freezer & good stock so i made a crayfish tagliatelle in white wine sauce.

crayfish was fried with butter olive oil & some sea salt & oyster sauce..

added stock to white wine sauce, tossed pasta & added back the crayfish.

good pasta evening though still not as tasty sauce & as al dente as what i made for 11pax RI makan group friends on 3.7.2018. 🙂

3pax dinner

3pax dinner 

wife also roasted the very sweet small yellow & red peppers.

and poached some brussels sprouts etc

3pax dinner

a really wonderful 3pax home dinner. daughter whatsapped to family “atas dinner”. lol! ^^

red wine slow braised belly pork

first time i made red wine belly pork this way=4hrs in 130degC oven then flamed 👍👍👍

i have done belly pork in various styles. for today decided to use the japan chashu method – 4hrs in 130degC oven.

for the braising sauce, i use my own creation, 1/2 cup red wine, 2tbsp mirin, 1 tbsp strawberry jam, 1tsp salt, plus ground black pepper.

flamed red wine slow braised belly pork

flamed red wine slow braised belly pork

belly pork was nicely tender. after cooling i flamed it.

flamed red wine slow braised belly pork

looked beautiful & tasted heavenly, very consistent tender texture, and very tasty.

potato mash (1st time)

i also made potato mash for the first time – 1 small potatoes cut in cubes, add 1/3 tsp salt, dash of ground black pepper, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1tbsp gourmet butter, 12 tsp chopped garlic, and blend.

came out very well, wife & daughter loved it, wanted me to make again!

kale, flamed red wine slow braised belly pork on mash

kale, flamed red wine slow braised belly pork on mash

overall the dish combination was quite exquisite.



crayfish linguine in white wine sauce

very nice 3pax home dinner. so shiok!

c.h.e.f andy