Very Shiok Salted Veg Toman Fillet @ 万蓉城老坛酸菜 L4 Crystal Galleria on 17Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)


our return flight to singapore at 1235am

we still have some time to kill so we walked around and decided to have dinner at 万蓉城老坛酸菜鱼 at L4 of crystal galleria, before going back to puli to collect our luggage & took a cab to the airport. ^^

万蓉城老坛酸菜鱼32 mins queue no A33

every restaurant at the different floors have long queue.

we took a queue number for 2pax table A33 & waited 32mins.


万蓉城老坛酸菜鱼 was of course super crowded. 🙂

menu @ 万蓉城老坛酸菜鱼

we were attracted to the signature 老坛酸菜鱼 salted vege toman (snakehead)黑鱼 fillet soup.

free sour plum drink

we got a free jug of sour plum drink, but it was sweet sugary, quite undrinkable so we just took a few sips.

黑鱼 aka snakehead, toman fish

luckily the dish was served quickly….

the 黑鱼 阿 aka snakehead, toman fish was just super!



fish was rmb49.8/斤(500g)..i asked for the smallest fish, but restaurant said smallest fish 2.8斤(1.4kg)..whatever!

they didn’t cheat it was a monster pot & serving for 2pax..

not complaining really…1.4kg for 2pax and we ate everything! ^^

super delicious la!




we didn’t need other food really so just try the 凉粉 …

it was very good too, as expected..


really shiok!

my son later told me the 4 of them went to another restaurant & took the same thing & they all loved it!

c.h.e.f andy



地址: 愚园路68号晶品4楼22号
电话: 021-52993739

Xintiandi 新天地, Taipingqiao Park 太平桥公园 and Madanglu 马当路 on 17Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

xintiandi 新天地

we had late check at puli out till 4pm on 17.6.2018. ^^

so stayed at hotel room, away from the afternoon heat, rested, chilled, watched movie, eat peaches etc, then after checking out puli & keeping our bags, we took a cab to 新天地 with WT.

S Engine=best coffee in shanghai

unfortunately S Engine which has the best coffee, had a very long snaking queue so we gave the best coffee a miss.

xintiandi 新天地

xintiandi 新天地

xintiandi 新天地

xintiandi 新天地

we strolled along the streets of xintiandi 新天地. good ambience… 🙂

taipingqiao park 太平桥公园

taipingqiao park 太平桥公园

taipingqiao park 太平桥公园

& strolled through taipingqiao park 太平桥公园 next to xintiandi 新天地. 🙂

madanglu 马当路

then walked along madanglu 马当路 where there are nice shops. 🙂

korean embassy @ madanglu 马当路

saw korean embassy from the outside along madanglu 马当路

after that we entered xintiandi 新天地 mall where the metro station is located.

had the best durian dessert at honeymoon dessert 满记甜品 inside xintiandi 新天地 mall 👍. wife’s steamed egg 蒸蛋dessert also super nice..

walking street along nanjing west road

after that WT left..we took metro to nanjing west road & walked back to hotel puli.

passed by 南京路步行街(Nanjing Road Walkway).

along nanjing west road 

and we passed by one of the oldest restaurants in shanghai, 梅龙镇酒家. wife & i ate there like 15yrs+ ago, they served us a cold steamed fish, not great!

along nanjing west road 

a pleasant walk, weather was cooler in the late afternoon.

we still have some time to kill so we went for dinner before going back to puli to collect our luggage & took a cab to the airport.

c.h.e.f andy


The Best Durian Ice Cream @ Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品at Xintiandi Mall on 17Jun2018

steamed egg 蒸蛋@ honeymoon dessert 满记甜品

after strolling at xintiandi 新天地, taipingqiao park 太平桥公园 & madanglu 马当路, we entered xintiandi 新天地 mall where the metro station is located.

went to honeymoon dessert 满记甜品, a hong kong chain.

i had this 2 times at hong kong langham mongkok, and once in shenzhen. not going to miss it if there is one here la…

wife took the steamed egg 蒸蛋 dessert. very nice! ^^

unlike hong kong where double scoop durian was in the menu, and at shenzhen, where they were flexible to offer us double scoop, here in shanghai they very rigid and refused.

so WT took the durian & vanilla.

durian & pulut hitam @  honeymoon dessert 满记甜品

i took the durian & pulut hitam.

durian ice cream was so good, out of this world la! pulut hitam not really ice cream just a dollop of pulut hitam…

durian & vanilla ice cream @ honeymoon dessert 满记甜品

satisfaction guaranteed! ^^

c.h.e.f andy




地址: 马当245地下1层106室地时尚购物中心

电话: 021-63130563

Opening Hours:

营业时间:周一至周日 daily 10:00-22:30