Shabu 2pax Home Dinner with Wife on 15Jul2018

2pax shabu dinner

had 2 pax shabu home dinner with wife on 15.7.2018. ^^

iberico pork & beef ribs

had iberico pork from NTUC & australian premium wagyu karubi plate bought on qoo10 in the freezer.

mushrooms, chinese cabbage & tofu skin

and some leftover chinese cabbage & shitake & enoki mushrooms need to consume before they spoil.

2pax shabu dinner

for stock i used yellow beans (like people use for yongtaufu) and dried flat fish (din have ikan bilis, must go buy).

shabu is so easy. the jap style is more convneient & elegant, no need so many items just get good quality meats. mushroom & vegetables ok.

a very nice & effortless dinner for 2, haha! ^^

c.h.e.f andy

Cheap & Good 5pax RI Buddies Dinner with Pete @ HK Street Old Chun Kee on 9Jul2018

black bean sauce song fish head

my RI friends bought 5pax dinner at hong kong street old chun kee on 9.7.2018. ^^

i ordered 6 dishes. 🙂

the signature black bean sauce song fish head no need to say was excellent la! could do with more larpok crispy lard lol! ^^

fresh, tender, tasty. the fish itself was more fresh, better than joo heng that day, and i prefer the blac bean sauce style to taujeon.

salted egg pork ribs

salted egg pork ribs was great. all my friends liked it. very tender & tasty

it is a good variation from 排骨王, which also tender when done well but with sweet, sticky sauce.

deepfried pork marinated with fermented beancurd 腐乳炸肉

the deepfried pork marinated with fermented beancurd 腐乳炸肉 was below par.

fermented beancurd 腐乳 taste was nice but pork was very “porky taste”..ned to boil & wash with salt to remove the taste la..i guess can’t expect to do that outside what i would do at home. 🙂

minced pork egg plants 鱼香茄子

pete wanted the minced pork egg plants 鱼香茄子.

it was very good, an excellent dish to order. tasty!

fish belly thick beehoon soup

fish belly thick beehoon soup was good.

good amoutn of fish belly, very nice tasting soup.

sanloh horfun 三捞河粉

sanloh horfun 三捞河粉 good as usual…good wok hae!

bill S$70 for 5pax 6 dishes

black bean sauce song fish head

dinner was pretty good!

bill S$70 for 5pax 6 dishes… nice enjoyable dinner.

after makan, we went to koufu at tanglin halt (commonwelath MRT location) for ice kachang etc dessert. i bought dessert as the friends bought dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Lala Horfun, Flambe Chicken Good Zichar Dishes @ Yalong Bay on 10Jul2018

fish head curry

KH bought 10pax RI bros world cup lunch at yalong bay on 10.7.2018. ^^

first time here for all of us, but KH sis been here & as we also found out it was good. 🙂

fish head curry was good. fish was fresh & curry was tasty. these days i prefer assam & thai style fish head with more tangy taste than the usual nonya curry.

fish head curry

KK thought it didn;t go with the other dishes. for me it was ok la…

lala horfun

the lala horfun was quite outstanding..something different.

lala horfun

very tasty & super wok hae, maybe just a tad salty. 🙂

lala horfun

the medium serving S$19 enough for 10 of us..

minced pork tofu

the minced pork tofu was poor, below par.

minced pork tofu

this the preparation in many zi char places.

no comparison with sik bao sin prawn tofu dish.

and also silk @ sicc truffle tofu dish (S$16) which is cheaper than here (S$18).

world of difference actually!

seafood soup with snakehead (toman) fillet

the seafood soup with  snakehead (toman) fillet was pretty good. 🙂

soup with snakehead (toman) fillet

soup with snakehead (toman) fillet

just S$14 for medium & quite a good serving of snakehead (toman) fillet.

fried chives 青龙菜with tau gay

fried chives 青龙菜with tau gay

the fried chives 青龙菜with tau gay was expensive at S$18. was good but ex.

it was S$3 at benson salt duck at toa payoh lor 1.

some root vegetables

some root vegetables

same for the root vegetable…quite nice, not special, price ex.

frog legs with XO chicken essence S$40

the frog legs were nice, and quite flavourful & tasty with the chicken essence.

frog legs with XO chicken essence

S$40 a bit ex too maybe can do w/o the chicken essence next time.

signature flambe chicken S$32

signature flambe chicken S$32

their signature is the flambe chicken.

you need to order 1 day in advance.

me cutting the signature flambe chicken

need to cut & serve yourself. 🙂

roast chicken was pretty good., above average, ok at S$32.

flavour was quite good, with the roasting oil, the breast meat still not the most tender & moist, about loong hua standard which the RI makan group had recently on 26.6.2018.

bill S$190 for 10pax

overall S$!90 for 10pax was pretty ok, not ex.

though if you analyse the individual dishes, also not particularly cheap zi char prices.

frog legs with XO chicken essence

the best dishes for me were the lala horfun and the frog legs.

the cheapest dish which was quite good was the seafood soup.

chicken and fish head curry were good so there dishes i may order if i come again.

the veg were competent, nothing much to comment. worst dish was the tofu.

after lunch, we went to lor 8 nearby to have fours seasons chendol…good as always!

c.h.e.f andy



Assam Chicken – 64th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 13Jul2018

assam chicken thigh fillet

made assam chicken for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 13.7.2018.^^

this my 64th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

chicken thigh fillet marinated with assam paste in fridge overnight

i used 3kg frozen boneless chicken thighs from sheng shiong, drained in a colander.

then marinated with mak’s assam paste in fridge overnight. 🙂

assam chicken thigh fillet

in the morning, added sliced ginger & curry leaves to 2 tbsp vegetable oil then added chopped garlic.

then added in the marinated chicken pieces & stirred & mixed thoroughly all on high heat.

then covered on medium heat. there is a lot of liquids in the chicken so no need to add water.

added 200ml coconut milk & mixed thoroughly. removed cover & turned to high heat.

assam chicken thigh fillet

i then removed the chicken so they would not be overcooked,

assam chicken thigh fillet

reducing assam gravy

and reduced the gravy to make the gravy more intense & flavourful. ^^

assam chicken thigh fillet


assam chicken thigh fillet

then i added back the thickened gravy.

a very tasty dish. chicken was tender & sweet & succulent, and the gravy was delicious.

c.h.e.f andy

Claypot Liver & Song Fish Head = Delicious 5pax Home Dinner with OPS Buddies on 12Jul2018

5pax dinner dishes 

made 5pax OPS buddies dinner- with WM, WT, HC & HH.

I made-

1 lime taujeon steamed song fish head (zai shoon & joo heng style)

2 陈年花雕酒蒸鲥鱼

3 claypot pig liver (joo heng)

4 spicy bean paste pork softbones with green pepper (joo heng & common zichar)

5 egg & salted egg bitter gourd (zai shoon)

6 onion egg omelette (ho jiak zichar)

Song fish head, liver & bitter gourd were excellent..pork ribs flavour ok texture not tender enuf..onion egg ok

lar pok crispy lard 

i made some lar pok crispy lard for the song fish head too. 🙂

taujeon lime song fish head 

song fish head i made joo heng & zai shun style, basically taujeon & adding lime to give the tangy taste.

cannot compare with zai shun’s sauce, but i think my song fish head was better than joo heng. this evening my tau jeon a bit much so slighty salty.

taujeon lime song fish head 

my favourite sauce for song fish head is still the spicy black bean sauce.

song fish head & steamed 鲥鱼

steamed 鲥鱼 

鲥鱼not good..

sauce i made was ok but the 刺壳fish was not good..texture not fresh & tender & not sweet..a 鲈鱼or yellow croaker would be better..

claypot liver

claypot liver was excellent this evening. nicely pink & very tasty with the gravy.

first time i made, after trying the liver dish first at loong hua on 26.6.2018, then at joo heng on 6.7.2018.

claypot sauce/stock

i fried lots of ginger & cut spring onions, then chopped garlic, black pepper & 1 stick of coriander..

then added chicken stock and 4tbsp shaoxing wine and reduced to a very tasty sauce.

when serving, added the cleaned & sliced (x-grain) liver, stirred, added larger cut spring onions, and covered & served.

pork soft bones with green pepper

braised pork soft bones

pork soft bones with green pepper

for the pork soft bones i braised with spicy bean paste. since i was doing zai shun’s salted egg bitter gourd i used green pepper with the pork soft bones.

the taste was good, green pepper was good not overdone. the pork soft bones though were not tender enough, so this dish was not quite up to mark a..

salted egg bittergourd

salted egg bittergourd 

i did the zai shun salted egg bitter gourd.

nothing can compare with zai shun’s bittergourd, but this came pretty close.

i used 1 whole salted egg chopped to small pieces. fried the bitter gourd first with the salted egg, then added 2 eggs, let the white hardened then fried together..

a very tasty, delicious dish. 🙂

egg onions 

the egg onion dish i was replicating the one at ho jiak zi char at dunman food centre we had recently.

chocolate mousse

song fish head & steamed 鲥鱼


WT bought MSW yesterday & kept 1 box (2 MSW durians) for this evening.

Hak Chong brought nice tiramisu & chocolate mousse.

taujeon lime song fish head

a delicious, wonderful dinner with good OPS buddies. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Jessie’s Delicious Homemade Yongtaufu on 11Jul2018

J’s yongtaufu

Jessie made delicious ytf & some kongbakpau…we gathered at WM’s place on 11.7.2018.

J’s yongtaufu

the ytf was very good, better than most outside.

J’s yongtaufu

i like fried ytf more than the usual ones served a food centres.

prawn salad

some prawn salad. 🙂

J’s yongtaufu

tau kua & tau pok ytf.

J’s yongtaufu

i liked the bitter gourd & chilli, and the egg plant pretty good as well.

J’s yongtaufu

the small sweet capsicums were the best, really sweet.

J’s yongtaufu

and fish balls too. 🙂

J’s yongtaufu

most importantly, the home made chilli sauce, super spicy, potent. i took a lot, the most i think.

J made some kongbapau also…there were so much food. i took mostly ytf, and 2 pieces of braised pork.

WT brought some D13 & MSW durians so got to reserve some space for that, and M brought madeleines. 🙂

WT bought a lot of durians. we were gathering at my place for dinner the next day, so i took 1 box of MSW back for next day’s get together. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Great Italian Food 8pax Family Dinner @ Cibo Italiano on 8Jul2018

charcuteri board meat & cheese platter

eldest daughter bought 8pax family dinner treat at cibo italiano on 8.7.2018. ^^

cibo italiano

cibo italiano

place had good wine selection. we brought a wine ourselves. it’s 1 for 1 so we bought 1 wine & no corkage for the one we brought.

the wine my son & sil picked was better than what we brought actually. 🙂

cibo italiano

some cakes & pastry.

cibo italiano

we left about 9.30pm, place was well take up including the al fresco area.


the burrata was ok, not the standard of rubato, but this was like S$28 whereas rubato was like S$45 but came with parma ham.

the charcuteri board meat & cheese platter (top photo) was quite good. a large serving of salami, ham & cheese.

truffle fries

truffle fries was great.

brussel sprouts fritters

the brussel sprouts fritters were very good. everyone liked it.

lobster ravioli

lobster ravioli was good standard. sauce very good taste.

seafood tagliatelle

the seafood tagliatelle was good too, sauce a bit light in taste.

i think my own squid tagliatelle i made for my friends recently on 3.7.2018 was just as good & tastier.

salami pizza

the salami pizza was really good, very tasty better than what i expected.

quatro formaggio pizza

the 4 cheese pizza was the usual good standard, nice cheesy flavours.

braised beef cheeks

one surprised package was the braised beef cheeks.

the meat mains were quite ex so we ordered this..this was done really well, very tender & excellent taste.. even wife liked it..we usually don’t go for braised dishes.

lava cake

we shared a lava cake. daughter liked it. i didn’t think too much of it actually.

i have not made lava cake for the longest time now but i think my dark chocolate lava was much more flavourful than this.

dinner for 8pax came to S$390 including i think a S$100 wine. quite ok. we had a great time and all the dishes we ordered were of good standard.

c.h.e.f andy


Cibo Italiano

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