Great Italian Food 8pax Family Dinner @ Cibo Italiano on 8Jul2018

charcuteri board meat & cheese platter

eldest daughter bought 8pax family dinner treat at cibo italiano on 8.7.2018. ^^

cibo italiano

cibo italiano

place had good wine selection. we brought a wine ourselves. it’s 1 for 1 so we bought 1 wine & no corkage for the one we brought.

the wine my son & sil picked was better than what we brought actually. 🙂

cibo italiano

some cakes & pastry.

cibo italiano

we left about 9.30pm, place was well take up including the al fresco area.


the burrata was ok, not the standard of rubato, but this was like S$28 whereas rubato was like S$45 but came with parma ham.

the charcuteri board meat & cheese platter (top photo) was quite good. a large serving of salami, ham & cheese.

truffle fries

truffle fries was great.

brussel sprouts fritters

the brussel sprouts fritters were very good. everyone liked it.

lobster ravioli

lobster ravioli was good standard. sauce very good taste.

seafood tagliatelle

the seafood tagliatelle was good too, sauce a bit light in taste.

i think my own squid tagliatelle i made for my friends recently on 3.7.2018 was just as good & tastier.

salami pizza

the salami pizza was really good, very tasty better than what i expected.

quatro formaggio pizza

the 4 cheese pizza was the usual good standard, nice cheesy flavours.

braised beef cheeks

one surprised package was the braised beef cheeks.

the meat mains were quite ex so we ordered this..this was done really well, very tender & excellent taste.. even wife liked it..we usually don’t go for braised dishes.

lava cake

we shared a lava cake. daughter liked it. i didn’t think too much of it actually.

i have not made lava cake for the longest time now but i think my dark chocolate lava was much more flavourful than this.

dinner for 8pax came to S$390 including i think a S$100 wine. quite ok. we had a great time and all the dishes we ordered were of good standard.

c.h.e.f andy


Cibo Italiano

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