Nonya Curry Sutchi Fillet – 65th Teban Gardens Community Breakfast on 20Jul2018

nonya curry sutchi fish fillet

made nonya curry sutchi fillet for teban gardens community breakfast this morning on 20.7.2018.^^

this my 65th friday breakfast community meal dish at teban gardens community service centre.

i first started doing a community meal dish for teban gardens CSC on 8.1.2016.

the centre was started in 2002 after much effort & challenge by our RI friend who is a pastor of pasir panjang hill brethren church (pphbc) which owns & runs the CSC.

marinated with nonya curry paste overnight in fridge

marinated with nonya curry paste overnight in fridge 

bought 3 packs sutichi fillet (1kg pack nett wt. 800g) = 2.4kg 12pieces from sheng shiong at S$4.30 per pack.

washed with salt, drained dry on colander in fridge & marinated with nonya curry paste overnight in fridge.

nonya curry sutchi fish fillet

next morning, fried cut chiili padi, sliced ginger, curry leaves in 2 tbsp oil, then added chopped garlic.

then added the sutchi fillet & mixed and stirred thoroughly over high fire.

lower fire & cover to cook.

nonya curry sutchi fish fillet

remove the sutchi fillet so as not to overcook.

reducing the gravy

reduce the gravy.

then added some thinly sliced leeks.

nonya curry sutchi fish fillet

mixed & transfer all t the aluminim carrier.

nonya curry sutchi fish fillet

nonya curry sutchi fish fillet

tasted. the dish was tasty  and fish was tender & sweet.

c.h.e.f andy

Kena Charged GST w/o Receipt at Coffeeshop @ Ye Shanghai Lengkok Bahru on 18Jul2018

expensive teochew lunch S$30 (by previous ye shanghai standard)

came with sis & bil for teochew muay lunch @ ye shanghai lengkok bahru

kena charged $31 for the dishes-

where according to my records 1yr ago with 1 fish & 6 veg we were charged S$14.60 on 3.6.2017. 😡

maybe $31 still not too expensive c/w other expensive teochew muay places & if this is ye shanghai new business policy it is their prerogative & i only vote with my feet in future= never come again la!

anyway as S$31 didn’t make much sense, i ask the guy to count for me = S$10 for yellow croaker, S$9 for mullet, S$2 for leek bigger plate (i think ridiculous), 6 other dishes S$1 each, 2 porridge= total S$28 not S$31! then the guy said they charged GST! & still it was

they also charged GST w/o issuing receipt..i wonder if a business is allowed to charged GST w/o issuing receipt?

chilled mullet S$9

leeks S$2

egg plants

chaipoh egg

winter melon?


long beans

heng chye aka chinese spinach

chilled yellow croaker S$10

food wise i guess it was still ok.

chilled yellow croaker & mullet still good. the veg were ok but also.

the price matters though. this a place all the taxi drivers come for makan because good price for the dishes they put out, not sure it is wise for them to do so, but it is their business so their perogative, as long as they charged GST legally.

c.h.e.f andy


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Excellent S$38pax 3-course Set Lunch @ FOC on 17Jul2018

tiang chye birthday lunch

today birthday of my RI bro.

i went to his office, then we went for lunch at foc just across the road at hong kong street on 17.7.2018. ^^

foc S$38pax set lunch

i saw foc offering a singtel promotion set lunch 3-course at S$38pax.

i called to book and checked that payment can be made by any card.


foc means “fire” in spanish.

the food here is exquisite & my family came here a few times for dinner.

when i checked my post, last time was quite a while ago on 18.8.2016.

kale, belly pork & mash

kale, belly pork & mash

for today we picked the kale, belly pork & mash, and the mixed croquette for our first course.

the crispy roasted kale was excellent, and the mash was super.

later i recreated this dish at home & it was pretty good. i think my flamed red wine slow braised belly pork was better actually! & my wife & daughter thought my mash (first time) was excellent too!^^

ham & funghi croquette


the croquette at foc always nice. excellent crust & flavourful fillings.

iberico pork

the iberico T bone was just fantastic! so tender & flavourful la! 🙂

lamb paella

lamb paella

lamb paella

& the paella of the day (a lamb paella) was very flavourful, tasty. it was just excellent! 🙂

the rice was very al dente…i must try this again & make my rice more al dente like here. 🙂

foc complimentary cake for our birthday lunch

the restaurant arranged a complimentary cake for my friend the birthday boy!

great gesture! quite expected of a good class restaurant like here. 🙂

french toast with hot chocolate

roasted pineapple

the dessert were more ordinary.

still nice dessert, both the french toast & the roasted pineapple…

digressing a little-

the best roasted pineapple i had was at a delicious lunch at portsminster cafe st ives in cornwall on 14.5.2015. ^^

later i experimented this roasted pineapple for a 4pax 6-course anniversary dinner on 28.5.2018. not so great too!


after lunch we went back to the office, the staff arranged a birthday cake, so we had cake cutting & eating & singing birthday song. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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