Lala Horfun, Flambe Chicken Good Zichar Dishes @ Yalong Bay on 10Jul2018

fish head curry

KH bought 10pax RI bros world cup lunch at yalong bay on 10.7.2018. ^^

first time here for all of us, but KH sis been here & as we also found out it was good. 🙂

fish head curry was good. fish was fresh & curry was tasty. these days i prefer assam & thai style fish head with more tangy taste than the usual nonya curry.

fish head curry

KK thought it didn;t go with the other dishes. for me it was ok la…

lala horfun

the lala horfun was quite outstanding..something different.

lala horfun

very tasty & super wok hae, maybe just a tad salty. 🙂

lala horfun

the medium serving S$19 enough for 10 of us..

minced pork tofu

the minced pork tofu was poor, below par.

minced pork tofu

this the preparation in many zi char places.

no comparison with sik bao sin prawn tofu dish.

and also silk @ sicc truffle tofu dish (S$16) which is cheaper than here (S$18).

world of difference actually!

seafood soup with snakehead (toman) fillet

the seafood soup with  snakehead (toman) fillet was pretty good. 🙂

soup with snakehead (toman) fillet

soup with snakehead (toman) fillet

just S$14 for medium & quite a good serving of snakehead (toman) fillet.

fried chives 青龙菜with tau gay

fried chives 青龙菜with tau gay

the fried chives 青龙菜with tau gay was expensive at S$18. was good but ex.

it was S$3 at benson salt duck at toa payoh lor 1.

some root vegetables

some root vegetables

same for the root vegetable…quite nice, not special, price ex.

frog legs with XO chicken essence S$40

the frog legs were nice, and quite flavourful & tasty with the chicken essence.

frog legs with XO chicken essence

S$40 a bit ex too maybe can do w/o the chicken essence next time.

signature flambe chicken S$32

signature flambe chicken S$32

their signature is the flambe chicken.

you need to order 1 day in advance.

me cutting the signature flambe chicken

need to cut & serve yourself. 🙂

roast chicken was pretty good., above average, ok at S$32.

flavour was quite good, with the roasting oil, the breast meat still not the most tender & moist, about loong hua standard which the RI makan group had recently on 26.6.2018.

bill S$190 for 10pax

overall S$!90 for 10pax was pretty ok, not ex.

though if you analyse the individual dishes, also not particularly cheap zi char prices.

frog legs with XO chicken essence

the best dishes for me were the lala horfun and the frog legs.

the cheapest dish which was quite good was the seafood soup.

chicken and fish head curry were good so there dishes i may order if i come again.

the veg were competent, nothing much to comment. worst dish was the tofu.

after lunch, we went to lor 8 nearby to have fours seasons chendol…good as always!

c.h.e.f andy



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