Claypot Liver & Song Fish Head = Delicious 5pax Home Dinner with OPS Buddies on 12Jul2018

5pax dinner dishes 

made 5pax OPS buddies dinner- with WM, WT, HC & HH.

I made-

1 lime taujeon steamed song fish head (zai shoon & joo heng style)

2 陈年花雕酒蒸鲥鱼

3 claypot pig liver (joo heng)

4 spicy bean paste pork softbones with green pepper (joo heng & common zichar)

5 egg & salted egg bitter gourd (zai shoon)

6 onion egg omelette (ho jiak zichar)

Song fish head, liver & bitter gourd were excellent..pork ribs flavour ok texture not tender enuf..onion egg ok

lar pok crispy lard 

i made some lar pok crispy lard for the song fish head too. 🙂

taujeon lime song fish head 

song fish head i made joo heng & zai shun style, basically taujeon & adding lime to give the tangy taste.

cannot compare with zai shun’s sauce, but i think my song fish head was better than joo heng. this evening my tau jeon a bit much so slighty salty.

taujeon lime song fish head 

my favourite sauce for song fish head is still the spicy black bean sauce.

song fish head & steamed 鲥鱼

steamed 鲥鱼 

鲥鱼not good..

sauce i made was ok but the 刺壳fish was not good..texture not fresh & tender & not sweet..a 鲈鱼or yellow croaker would be better..

claypot liver

claypot liver was excellent this evening. nicely pink & very tasty with the gravy.

first time i made, after trying the liver dish first at loong hua on 26.6.2018, then at joo heng on 6.7.2018.

claypot sauce/stock

i fried lots of ginger & cut spring onions, then chopped garlic, black pepper & 1 stick of coriander..

then added chicken stock and 4tbsp shaoxing wine and reduced to a very tasty sauce.

when serving, added the cleaned & sliced (x-grain) liver, stirred, added larger cut spring onions, and covered & served.

pork soft bones with green pepper

braised pork soft bones

pork soft bones with green pepper

for the pork soft bones i braised with spicy bean paste. since i was doing zai shun’s salted egg bitter gourd i used green pepper with the pork soft bones.

the taste was good, green pepper was good not overdone. the pork soft bones though were not tender enough, so this dish was not quite up to mark a..

salted egg bittergourd

salted egg bittergourd 

i did the zai shun salted egg bitter gourd.

nothing can compare with zai shun’s bittergourd, but this came pretty close.

i used 1 whole salted egg chopped to small pieces. fried the bitter gourd first with the salted egg, then added 2 eggs, let the white hardened then fried together..

a very tasty, delicious dish. 🙂

egg onions 

the egg onion dish i was replicating the one at ho jiak zi char at dunman food centre we had recently.

chocolate mousse

song fish head & steamed 鲥鱼


WT bought MSW yesterday & kept 1 box (2 MSW durians) for this evening.

Hak Chong brought nice tiramisu & chocolate mousse.

taujeon lime song fish head

a delicious, wonderful dinner with good OPS buddies. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

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