Excellent 鸦片鱼头and 4pax Dinner @ 陈记 on 16Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)


we walked from the bund 外白渡桥to another wonderful meal at 陈记, a neighbourhood 大排档,looking forward to the 鸦片鱼头

WT & GY took me here during my last trip in nov2017, so this was my second visit here.

GY as usual ordered lots of food…

best was 鸦片鱼头. excellent! wife & i agreed that the 葱焖鸦片鱼头 老吉士天平路still better than this..

口水鸡,海瓜子,凤尾鱼,臭豆腐,炸猪皮,槽头, 酒酿圆子👍

鸦片鱼头, a flatfish head, was excellent!

this the HK steam style 港蒸,and the fish was excellent, fresh, very sweet with flesh like cod & soft head bone structure like a salmon head.

WT had brought this 鸦片鱼头 back singapore & gave me 4 pieces (2 full heads) over 2 occasions & i have cooked it for friends & family. such an excellent fish but cannot get this in singapore.


the 口水鸡 was very good also.

it’s a dish often served in singapore restaurant, so nothing special but very well done, very competent.


凤尾鱼 i don’t see in singapore except eons ago (like 50yrs back when we sometimes take canned 凤尾鱼. maybe it is still selling now.


海瓜子again something i don’t see in singapore, certainly the live, fresh version. but i think i have taken the marinated/cured version before..


the deepfried pigskin was very well done.

the soup was very very tasty…


草头 a bit “siap” astringent.

not a favourite but i guess i am ok with it.


a salad, ok.


the yellow croaker soup 小黄鱼汤 was very sweet & tasty..


the 锅贴 was good too.


and i quite like the 酒酿汤圆, sweet but not too sweet.


dinner for 4pax was about rmb380.

this a much more worthwhile meal than what we had at 胖胖河畔小吃@朱家角 lunch yesterday.

c.h.e.f andy



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