Qing Dynasty Post Office 大清邮局 @ 朱家角 on 15Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

i read about the 大清邮局 @ 朱家角.

we had just chillaxed at a riverside cafe & planning to return to puli hotel to freshen up. wasn’t particularly looking for it but WT saw it first.

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

there were various groups taking photos.

we decided to visit.

RMB5 entrance fee -大清邮局 @ 朱家角

entrance fee was RMB5pax.

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

back river view 大清邮局 @ 朱家角

building was by the riverside.

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

there were exhibits showing how mails were collected & dispatched in the olden times.

like what you see in movies speed delivery where horses died from exhaustion.

大清邮局 @ 朱家角

afterwards we walked back to zhujiajioa station & took line 17 & changed to line 2 back to puli hotel.

our room was ready. WT & GY joined us. we had the free coffee & tea & snacks, and freshened up a bit, afterwards we proceeded to 顺风港湾for a nice dinner.

c.h.e.f andy


zhujiajiao 朱家角 getting there


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