Superb Dishes & Ambeince @ 顺风港湾(兰生大厦店) Lansheng Mansion Huaihailu on 15Jun2018 (Shanghai Trip 15-17Jun2018)

顺风港湾level 37 reception

GY arranged for 4pax dinner at 顺风港湾 this evening on 15.6.2018. ^^

this a great restaurant spanning 3 levels L37-L39 at (兰生大厦店) Lansheng Mansion near 大世界.

food was good class, refine, & tasty. we had a wonderful time.

my host had some problems with the reservation though, and it tokk like 15mins to resolve. the restaurant gave away the table WT & GY came down personally to reserve, and they try to wriggle out & put the blame on us.

in china, sadly one still need to be pushy to get results…so WT & GY got us a 4pax table on L38, not the best view by the window like the one they came here to pick at L37 because restaurant claimed L38 was full, but a table next to the the aisle on L38, but L38 & L39 are rotating, L37 is not. there were several empty tables on L38 though the huge restaurant was quite full…


鲥鱼 (shad) is very expensive in china/shanghai, i think ridiculously expensive.

this 1/2 fish is like RMB360 (S$75). it was excellent fish, very very sweet though lots of tiny bones tricky to eat. they always say fish with tiny bones are very sweet! the steaming sauce was fantastic, very tasty, flavourful shaoxing wine taste.

i saw the look alike in sheng shiong 沙捞越“鲥鱼”刺壳鱼. not sure if it was so did not buy & anyway, all the gills were dark brown not fresh…when i googled, it seems that this is in fact one of like 30 types of 鲥鱼, so maybe if i find a fresh one i will try cooking it la..

ice veg 冰菜 & crab 六月黄

the ice veg 冰菜  was quite exquisite, frozen, crunchy & importantly sweet. i tried a chinese lettuce in singapore, freezing it before serving, didn’t work the lettuce was slight bitter not sweet like this.

ice veg 冰菜

we liked it so much we ordered a second helping! 🙂

crab 六月黄

the crab 六月黄 was also marinated in shaoxing wine. a small crab with good amount of roe, quite like a hairy crab, meat was firm & filling the shell and quite sweet.

roast pigeon

the roast pigeon apparently a popular dish here, saw on some reviews, skin was crispy & overall good taste…wife & i don’t particularly fancy roast pigeon though, and these also not the best i had,  like say in hong kong…

french escargot 法国蜗牛

GY asked if we wanted french escargot 法国蜗牛 or beef. wife didn’t want beef so she ordered the escargot.

it was very well done though i could also do without this dish, would rather have more 本帮菜. GY herself didn’t take much of this.

tiny cucumbers

the tiny cucumbers very interesting too, not as stand out as the ice veg 冰菜, but intriguing too – crunchy, sweet & very 爽口。i like this!

黄鱼羹yellow croaker thick soup

黄鱼羹yellow croaker thick soup

the黄鱼羹yellow croaker thick soup was very tasty, looked wonderful & refine.

some fish meat fried pancake

the fish meat pancake was very good too.



WT ordered one 葱油面 for us to try…it’s a simple dish. noodles was done well, qq, and the scallion flavours were very “pang” ie flavourful. a nice noodles, good to try if not particularly a carb dish i would order usually.

complimentary fruit plate

dinner ended with a complimentary fruit platter from the restaurant.

顺风港湾 level 38 dining

GY went to settle the bill, & the restaurant gave 20% discounts (they don’t usually so i guess this was for messing up our reservation & a good strategic pushy quareling by GY earlier. lol!

the service culture will level up in due course, but today shanghai, hong kong etc not too bad already.

4pax dinner was like RMB800nett, pretty ok for the standard of food & ambience.

c.h.e.f andy





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