Jam-packed Metro Line 2 from Pudong International Airport on 15Jun2018 (Shanghai 15-17Jun2018)

early morning rush hour on metro line 2 from putong airport

there was some delay due to a new requirement to digitally capture all finger prints. there was a ok receipt which could be reused in future.

otherwise immigration was quite smooth.

we were deciding whether to take airport transfer as we had 6pax, just nice for RMB340 transfer advertised..but we thought it might be quite jam in morning rush hour, so decided to take metro line 2.

as it turned out, it took us 1.5hrs. train was empty at pudong international airport. we were all seated & when the train got really packed like 6 stations into the journey (it was really packed like no standing place) we thought we were lucky until we heard announcements that had to change train at guanglan road station 广兰路! even though it was same line 2.

there was a long queue, we managed to got on but decided to get out & queue in front for the next train. good decision, but still i had to get up the train even while passsengers were alighting to grab the seats.

jingan park 静安公园

jingan park 静安公园

jingan park 静安公园

jingan park 静安公园

jingan park 静安公园

puli hotel page directions were not clear. we walked through the mall as directed but there were no signage & we were lost, and finally came up across the orad from kerry centre. later WT told us we should go by exit 9 next to hotel.

our puli hotel room was not ready, and WT & GY were meeting us at 10.30am so we had 1 hr to kill.

hotel was good enough to let my son & his friends leave their luggage though they were not staying at puli..their airbnb was nearby but they had no place to leave luggage until 1pm check in..

wife & i walked to nearby jingan park 静安公园..they were lots of people dressed up & dancing to music, including what looked like turkish/middle-eastern music & costumes…

there was a pond nice place to chill but otherwise not much to see…

after that we still had 1/2 hr. we decided to go to jingan temple 静安寺..

c.h.e.f andy

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