Poor Deteriorating Food Offering & Quality at Asia Treasure Lounge & SQ Biz Class Order The Cook on 14Jun2018

char kuay teow

wife arranged a last minute weekend trip to shanghai 15-17.6.2018. ^^

there was a 30% discount for SQ biz class redemption, so it was 49000 miles instead of the usual 70000 miles.

carrot cake

our first choice lounge usually DBS asia treasures T3 lounge (for SQ departures) because more quiet.

however food offering had been deteriorating.

this evening worse than meagre, no smoothies & only char kuay teow & carrot cake..nothing to talk about lor…

krisflyer gold lounge

SQ biz class ticket also allow one to enter the krysflyer gold lounge opposite asia treasures.

krisflyer gold lounge food

krisflyer gold lounge nuts

more food choices like 6 dishes or more & there were nuts & crisp…all not available these days at asia treasure.

so in a sense asia treasure is now like any priority lounge & in fact the SATS priority lounge at T2/T3 connection is much better in terms of food offering.

braised belly pork – SQ Silver Kris Biz lounge

this evening, SQ biz lounge had much better food offering.

there was the excellent braised belly pork first time i see here.

SQ Silver Kris Biz lounge food

SQ Silver Kris Biz lounge food

& there was mee soto, which was good..

since having biz ticket, no harm to look see, never know what you may find la…

lobster thermidor

we were on the 1.15am flight, arriving in shanghai 6.35am.

about SQ served the meals about 1+ hrs into the flight. there was book the cook, so i ordered lobster thermidor. usually it was very good.

garlic bread was good.

lobster thermidor

lobster thermidor

lobster thermidor

unfortunately today the lobster thermidor was almost not edible, such a waste of good ingredients..

lobster was “nua nua”, not bouncy & fresh & sweet. the concoction was somehow unappealing visually & taste wise.

used to be excellent not so long ago…won’t order this again..go for the chilean seabass

c.h.e.f andy


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