Caledonian Sleeper London Euston to Glasgow Central on 8Jun2017

caledonian sleeper double-decker bunk beds 

we took the caledonian sleeper (7.5hrs journey 2350hrs to 0720hrs) from london euston station to glasgow central station on 8.6.2017. 🙂

this marked the start of our 6days tour of fort williams & isle of skye, scotland from 9-14Jun2017.

caledonian is one of only 2 sleeper service, the other being the night riveria to penzance, which we took in 2015 when we toured cornwall. 

on first look, the tiny cabin with double-decker bunk beds at 2x£120, seems expensive. however our return flight from inverness inluding shuttle bus & train from luton to st pancras cost £100, and the cheapest evening off-peak ticket for a 4.5hrs train journey london to glasgow cost £68.

more importantly the caledonian sleeper saves time, and allow us to start our drive journey from glasgow to fort williams at 9am! so full marks for wife for arranging the sleeper!

sleep advise 

they gave you some sleep advise.

eye shield, egg plugs, towel, soap 

& the whole paraphernalia of eye shield, ear plugs & what nots.

was joking with my friends on whatsapp that i had eye shield, ear plus & mouth guard – quite funny la!

the ear lugs were useless, no change in the chugging noise, i did w/o them. anyway i sleep easily.

glasgow central terminal 

i did not book breakfast. they gave us a complimentary coffee powder coffee.

glasgow central terminal 

train arrived as scheduled at 7.20am.

glasgow central terminal 

pretty ok for both of us. wife went to buys some nuts & wraps (so we could stop & picnic).

glasgow central terminal 

and then we took a cab to avis glasgow office to collect our rental car to commence our driving holiday.

c.h.e.f andy


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