Great Find Korean Food 3pax Dinner @ Kimchee Restaurant on 7Jun2017

very nice korean food at kimchee 

son booked a cab for us from heathrow terminal 2 to king’s cross.

took us 1.5hrs through the evening traffice. we arrived apartment about 7.05pm.

decided to go for dinner, so we could retire after dinner to recover from the jetlag. 🙂

kimchee restaurant opposite google building 

i saw that there were several new restaurants around the google building when i was here last month.

son had tried the kimchee restaurant & thought it was good, so we walked over to pancras square.

kimchee restaurant opposite google building 

kimchee is oppostie google building at king’s cross st pancras.

very nice ambience, high ceiling & quite a large place well patronised. 🙂

kimchee’s menu 

the menu is quite comprehensive.

kimchee’s menu 

has bbq meat, also bibimbap. bibimen etc.

galbi £10.80

we ordered 2 meats.

the galbi was very good, very nicely barbequed & nicely flavoured, tasty meat.

ribeye £12 

the ribeye was also very good. a good steak restaurant quality.

& served korean style, they came with lettuce & a mildly sweet chilli paste so you could wrap the bbq meat with the lettuce.

kimchi jjigae 

the kimchi jjigae was quite authentic flavours.

it was good, though our favourite singapore restaurant aburiya is unbeatable in this department, so this one still not comparable! 🙂

seafood pancake 

the seafood pancake was very good too.

this the crispy & starchy version, which we like. but anyhow this dish not really my favourite item.

jap chae 

the jap chae was tasty but a bit on the salty side.

wife thought it was alright when taken with rice.

fried chicken 

we also had fried chicken.

this was the poorest dish, nothing like korean fried chicken, more like a pedestrian sweet sour chicken with too much batter!

the bill

galbi & ribeye 

wife & son shared a large beer. i as usual didn’t drink.

the bill for 3pax included beer came to £64. very good price actually for the dishes we had, and cheaoer than greek larder & dishoom.

i can come back here for dinner! will do la when we return to london after iceland!


c.h.e.f andy


Kimchee Restaurant


2 Pancras Square, King’s Cross, London, N1C 4AG


Telephone: 020 3907 8474


Monday – Saturday, lunch: 11:45am – 3pm
Monday – Friday, evening: 5pm – 11pm
Saturday, evening: 5pm – 10:30pm
Sunday: 12pm – 9pm



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