Sin-London by Singapore Airlines SQ308 on 7Jun2017

SQ308 Sin-London 7Jun2017

this time i was able to get SQ economy return at S$1382 for my travel dates.

for my last trip to london & wales 27apr-11may with my 2 RI bros, i had to travel by qatar airways as SQ fare for the dates were S$2200! and qatar was S$1034 for the same dates, no brainer la!…

too bad now qatar has all these problems, airspace etc…

SQ A380 seat leg space & screen is smaller than qatar’s A350-900

SQ A380 aircraft aging…economy leg space & screen much smaller c/w qatar’s A350-900 aircraft i took last trip for the sector Sin-Doha..

breakfast -dimsum items

for breakfast, they served dimsum.

it was quite poor la…

breakfast -dimsum items

siew mai i supposed edible, carrot cake less so, the lor mai gai i took the mushrooms & chicken just a bit of rice.

how to describ this breakfast? pedestrian?

anyway for me considered edible, not by much…

lunch – rogan josh &; bismati rice very good

for lunch, i chose rogan josh.

lunch – rogan josh &; bismati rice very good

this was good!

nice herb flavours, mutton was tasty with the gravy, tender enough, more so c/w qatar’s mutton meal.

bismati rice was good, loose & fragrant..

vegetables also good!

lunch – rogan josh &; bismati rice very good

i had a tomato juice.

the salmon was quite ok too.

lunch – rogan josh &; bismati rice very good

the movie program on board quite poor, not many newer movies, noothing exciting to watch.

had some peanuts & coffee in between. it’s a day flight, did not sleep much.

we arrived maybe 19mins late at heathrow terminal 2.

we had our red fastlane card. the normal lane no much queue so looked about as fast.

we had 3 checked in luggage. so we prebooked a cab. took about 1.5hrs to get to king’s quarters apartment, about 7.05pm.

after that we went dinner with son at kimchee opposite google building at king’s cross st pancras.

c.h.e.f andy



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