A Tasty Prawn Capellini Aglio Olio Nice and Easy on 6Jun2017

prawn capellini aglio olio

one RI bro said he would come by to get together before my UK trip tomorrow.. wanted to drive me out for lunch on 6.6.2017.

i find it takes more time & hassle to go out for lunch. so i did a quick capellini pasta with what i have…faster than eating out..more time to chit chat…

prawn capellini aglio olio

we had coffee after pasta & 功夫茶after coffee…chatted for a while till 2.30pm…as i have lots of personal admin to attend to before trip..

i had wanted to so a johnsonville beddar with cheddar cheese sausage spaghetti but there was no spaghetti, no chilli padi, no stock…

and no johnsonville..few packets my helpermust have cooked for my son this period 😀 so what’s left just garlic, olive oil, frozen small prawns, regular chilli, a bit of thai basil….

still a very tasty pasta in 10mins la…

c.h.e.f andy


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