Vegetarian Dinner? + Some Meats on 12Apr2016

wife have this meditation group.

she invited 2 friends for dinner on 12.4.2016. ^^

youngest daughter decided to join dinner so we have 5pax.

1 friend is a vegetarian so i thought i will cook a all vegetarian dinner-

wife wanted to add some meats. so i did –

  • a grilled smoked duck breast (my own concocted recipe so i called it Andy’s smoked duck breast…hehe..
  • a mock kurobuta (mock as in i used pork neck with the marbling & did a low temperature braise to get a tender texture)

my recent spanish omelette (egg, potato, yellow onion, light soy sauce, pepper) had been very good.

the vegetarian friend claimed it’s better than what he had in spain. not going there (on matter of discussion) but i think my spanish omelette was pretty good la…

the cream of carrots (carrots, red pepper, yellow onion, vegetable stock, thickened cream) was very smooth & sweet.

i used sweet corn for the first time for the vegetable stock. i thought the sweet corn sweetness a bit stand-out, but seemed that everyone liked it.

for the zucchini pasta, i followed my usual recipe with blended zucchini sauce, grilled zucchini.

also added cherry tomatoes & shave parmesan, & basil.

today though i overcooked the pasta a bit, so while it was not mushy, it did not quite have the good al dente. not good.

i bungled up on the hob controls this time….

funghi pasta (my usual recipe) was ok, al dente so the usual nice mushroom aroma & great taste. not not really my best delivery also.

Andy’s smoked duck breast was a new exciting culinary adventure for me. will make a separate recipe post. i tea smoked the duck breast, also in oven for 3 hrs at 60degC. then i used Gordon Ramsay’s cold pan method to render out the fat & create the crispy skin.

it was nicely pink & the taste was quite perfect too.

#6 mock kurobuta

#6 mock kurobuta

i call it mock kurobuta as i am using a cheap pork collar which has the fat marbling, in fact a frozen pork collar from sheng shiong at S$9.95/kg, so like S$3 for 300g.

i did low temperature braise in 90degC oven to make the meat tender & flavourful with gelatine.

#6 mock kurobuta

#6 mock kurobuta

it was very good actually. still looked a bit fatty, maybe i will try 5hrs or 6hrs to reduce the fat a bit.

Smoked duck. mock kurobuta, spanish omelette

Smoked duck. mock kurobuta, spanish omelette

both vegetarian & meat eaters have their fill la…

cooked & ucooked portugese chorizo

cooked & ucooked portugese chorizo

wife, i & the eldest daughter recently toured lisbon & porto so we brought back some portugese chorizo & cheese.

chorizo, cheese & grapes

chorizo, cheese & grapes

we did not have our port with us, so did with some whisky.

chorizo, cheese & grapes

chorizo, cheese & grapes

pretty ok, though it was still different. port was a much better complement to the chorizo prosciutto cheese experience we had in portugal.

pan-toasted japanese cheese

pan-toasted japanese cheese

wife was recently in hokkaido & had some toasted cheese there. she tried pan roasting, though it did not turn out the way she liked. i don’t really know how it should be like, but still the cheese was pretty good la…

dinner very enjoyable. wife was happy. daughter split early to study. we had great conversation, cheese, whisky, coffee…

c.h.e.f andy


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