Sambal Sauce Seabass – Another Crowd Favourite!

#12 helper's sambal sauce seabass - this everyone's favourite

sambal sauce seabass 26.8.2015 – this everyone’s favourite

in addition to the spicy pork ribs/pork soft bones, another regular crowd pleaser for my dinners is the sambal sauce seabass (& spicy tau jeon seabass). ^^

i love the dish myself & all my friends love it too. in fact i think it is more popular even than the spicy pork ribs. 🙂

i guess fish is more neutral, tender & easy to eat even when placed against a very tender pork ribs or soft bones.

it’s a dish my helper cooked regularly for the family & for my dinners. i have done only once.

& i have served it many times in my dinners for my friends. 🙂

sambal seabass

sambal seabass – 6.2.2015

above photo does not require elaborations, haha! ^^

#10 sambal seabass

sambal seabass – 3.10.2014

the farmed seabass in singapore is not like the australian barramundi or the french seabass. it has a bit of “mud taste” and is a bit “hu” ie not the very firm, bouncy type of texture, but slightly mushy.

#9 aunty bes sambalsauce seabass

sambal sauce seabass – 28.5.2015

certainly not my favourite fish.

btw, my favourite fish, even more than usual cod, is the chilean seabass, the patagonian toothfish, which is not even a bass, but a cod. 🙂

aunty bes' spicy tau jeon seabass

spicy tau jeon seabass – 19.8.2013

by steaming with the spicy tau jeon sauce, and in more recent times, the sambal sauce, not only it took away the “mud taste”, but complemented the fish sweetness very well. also, i believe the sauce tensioned the skin a bit & made the fish just slightly more firm & less mushy. 🙂

heinz assam fish sauce

hai’s 海士 instant assam fish paste

i used the hai’s 海士 instant assam fish paste in recent times, as we liked it a bit better than the spicy tau jeon, and also because i could not find the latter in giant lately.

i used 1 packet for a large seabass (700g) or 2 smaller ones (500g), and garnished chopped spring onions & chilli padi (sometimes my helper used sliced red chilli & spring onions). then in the steam oven (or a usual steamer) for 12mins.

c.h.e.f andy

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