I Do Not Support Any Form of Militancy

i do not support any form of militancy, be it FOR or AGAINST gay or the environment or animal rights.

in my humble opinion, militancy (& behind that, prejudice & blind intolerance) is the destroyer of human happiness & purveyor of human miseries. it is a dangerous emotion to value -isms, opinions, theories, politics over the true well being & happiness of human beings, and to be militant in imposing such views on others. it is the root cause of wars, strifes, injustice & in short human miseries. people who think their opinions are better than others, more important than others, that they monopolise truth & what is right, that they necessarily represent the opinion of others, that all who dare disagree with them are misguided, mischievous & deserving to be struck down, are the cause of human miseries throughout history.

i love my christian friends, many of them are very close buddies, so i fully respect the christian view on LGBT. in my opinion, there is no contradiction, & one can be at the same time, NOT agreeing with/advocating/supporting something as one’s own opinion & value system while NOT judging, criticising, attacking, discriminating against someone different. it starts with respecting all other human, understanding that they deserve as much happiness, freedom & space & to follow their own choices as we do (except when they are perpetuating a crime on others).

if we want to share & convert others to our views, what we believe is the truth, wisdom & correct “way”, it should be done with a loving & caring heart, with the other person’s well being & happiness utmost in our consideration, NOT with hatred. if one tries to impose his views & value system on others, and failing, then strikes down others with militancy, prejudice & hatred, then one cannot be truly loving, caring, helping & desiring the best interest of the others.

leader of the catholic world pope francis said “who am i to judge gays (bbc news report 29july2013)” –

“The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very well,” Pope Francis said in a wide-ranging 80-minute long interview with Vatican journalists.

“It says they should not be marginalised because of this but that they must be integrated into society.”

i saw the ellen page come-out video recently.

we may or may not agree with her, may or may not support her position, but that should not have any effect on our respect  & empathy for her as a human being who has every right to her own happiness, freedom & choices as long as she is NOT imposing, advocating, pushing her views on others.

c.h.e.f. andy

Good Dimsum @ Timhowan Toa Payoh on 16Feb2014


chicken, mushroom, chinese sausage rice

went with children for 4pax dim sum at timhowan toa payoh on 16.2.2014.

i went to the hk sham shui po timhowan with friends 2 times, and we really enjoyed the food there, so i had wanted to try their outlets in singapore but really not one to want to queue hours to eat dim sum or any food for that matter.


place was crowded at 4pm. traffic/turnover was good.

we went at 3.30pm on a sunday to avoid the crowd. place was still constantly crowded with good traffic & turnover.  we only waited 10mins though to get our seats so it was ok. 🙂


crispy char siew bun


crispy char siew bun


liver cheongfun (肠粉)


prawn cheongfun (肠粉)


deep-fried fupeiquin (腐皮卷).

the menu was very limited, like 1/2 that in hk. i ordered 2 of the 4 heavenly kings. crispy char siew bun was a must, and i wanted to try liver cheongfun (肠粉) again. none of us were fan of mala cake & the pan-fried carrot cake.

we ordered a chicken, mushroom, chinese sausage rice (top photo). it was good, hk standard. we all liked it so we ordered a second helping. 🙂

the crispy char siew bun did not disappoint. it was very good – both the crispy bun & the char siew fillings.  the cheongfun (肠粉) was good too, very smooth. liver was nicely done, just right & not overcooked. the prawn cheongfun was very good. 🙂

another order was the deep-fried fupeiquin (腐皮卷). this looked a little different from usual, seemed to be very neat & clean cut. anyway it tasted great, 1 of the best i had. 🙂




chicken feet in abalone sauce


wasabi prawn dumplings


the hargao skin looked thick, tasted ok, not as good as crystal jade or imperial treasure.

the chicken feet in abalone sauce was ok, but not as good as the usual steamed black beans chicken feet (usually slightly redder & more fluffy deep-fried) in most dim sum places.

the deep-fried wasabi prawn dumplings – i did not try but it was quite ok.

overall the 4pax dim sum lunch cost S$64, about 2x the price in timhowan sham shui po for less food. i guess it was not really expensive, but i would think crystal jade, imperial treasure & royal china dim sum are better. this was 2x the price c/w with kowloon at AMK (I am going to try that one soon & compare). 🙂

c.h.e.f andy