Beautiful Mesmerising Song = 千年之戀–(央吉瑪,呼斯楞)攝人心魂的天籟之音

i subsequently made an english translation of the lyrics here.

& another post “A Moment in Heaven” which included the english translation of another amazing song 莲花开了

i love this singer 央吉瑪!

she is from a minority tribe in tibet – the 门巴族(藏文:མོན་པ་,威利:mon pa), which has only 7,000 people.

first saw her on youtube for chinese idol 中国梦之声 (literally china’s song of dreams) back in jun2013. the judges were swooning over her & calling her 女神 goddess. it’s easy to see why. the voice is like descending from heaven. the chinese describe as 天籟之音, which means the sound of nature like the wind, water, insects, birds, literally the sound from heaven. 🙂

it is completely mesmerising 绕梁三日, which means a voice or music that circles the roof beams for 3 days long after the singing has past. 🙂

she went on & sang a whole list of incredibly beautiful songs including 醒来吧 & 央吉瑪 which she wrote both the scores & the verses. the latter was her song for the final competition. the song was also her name. it was not self aggrandising but to remind herself that she came to a huge city (beijing) of lights & attractions from a tiny village, was fortunate to be in the competition & more so in the finals & NOT to forget her roots.

she had been steadfast & very gently non-compromising & did not want to sign contract with the show organiser. many thought that was the reason she did not become the champion but only the runner-up & many believed it was 内定 & 黑幕, basically a sponsor/commercial reason driven pre-determined result. several lamented it was a regret 遗憾 NOT for her but for chinese idol!

we will never know the truth.  however the american idol format was changed so that the popular votes did not decide the result, and the judges had the balance votes, and all casted their votes for the other singer who did not get the popular votes.

anyway it did not matter really. she felt she was not ready for all the commercial obligations & prefers to devote herself to writing music & singing songs she likes & be true to her devotion to spreading the tribal music to the world. 🙂

& here are her many beautiful songs, in particular –

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