Good Roti Prata at S.M. Aisha @ Food Canopy on 15Feb2014

roti prata

roti prata S$5.30

went back to food canopy at cluny road near botanic gardens to have roti prata on 15.2.2014. 🙂

first introduced to the place by my wife, then came with my 2 daughters couple weeks back. decided to go myself today.

S.M. Aisha Muslim Food (from West Coast)

S.M. Aisha Muslim Food (from West Coast)

mutton curry

mutton curry S$3.50

roti prata

roti prata S$1.80 for 2

dahl curry

dhal curry

1 of  the best prata stall i had. didn’t have many though to really make comparisons.

most important for me where prata goes are (a) freshly made (b)tasty dough (c)good dhal curry..i am ok whether it is the crispy type like at 6th avenue or the slightly doughy type at mr prata or at s.m. aisha which had all 3. 🙂

& the mutton curry was really good, very tender.  i still love the mysore mutton at mr prata more, but for mutton curry, this was good! 🙂

the ambience was great too. nice airy canteen, lots of parking on a saturday morning, very clean…by comparison mr cafe down the road is kind of messy.

c.h.e.f andy