Great Ribeye Steaks @ Portico Prime Dempsey on 30Jul2017

chilled truffle angel hair with sakura prawns & caviar=S$30 

went with wife to portico prime @ dempsey to have a good steak this evening on 30.7.2017. ^^

tunglok group had pulled out of amex lovedining so lesser dining options. we always like the steaks at prime…

this though the menu has changed & there were no menu page on steaks but instead all the burgers…is portico prime morphing to like the other portico or like relish & bistro type? don’t know.

anyhow we asked the server & she said there is only 1 cut, the USDA ribeye, 200g at S$46. it is NOT on the menu. i recalled from previous that it was USDA choice ribeye & anyway the aussie rump steak etc were not great, so this was the only cut previously (other than the japanese wagyu which has no discounts) that was the really good steak, so it suits us fine.

we ordered 2 ribeyes.

chilled truffle angel hair with sakura prawns & caviar=S$30 

& we ordered the truffle chilled pasta to share.

it was very good as expected. price was very steep at S$30, basically a fine dining degustation price, so with amex lovedining 50% discounts for 2pax still S$15++

USDA ribeye 200g medium rare = S$46 

the ribeye steak was very good, though somehow i thought previously it was better.

just looking at the photos for my dinner with son on 24.5.2017, somehow the ribeye looked bigger, maybe flatter & the colour & grilling looked better? maybe just psychological.

this steak was ok, but didn’t stand out…

USDA ribeye 200g medium rare = S$46 

wife was saying the steak we bbq ourselves during our recent trip to iceland on number of occasions were like the same or perhaps better.

certainly i can make this at home just panfry, and just as good…

reconstructed blackforest cake2-S$18 

the reconstructed blackforest very small helping & very ex at S$18.

the chocolate mousse was very good. but then i have no special affinity to this now.

reconstructed blackforest cake2-S$18

dinner came to $97 nett for 2 inclusive of a glass of red wine for wife at S$13, no discounts.

was really ok for this quality of steak but also not like compelling…

maybe i should go back to la brezzato try again, but they have also upped their prices there, the last time i went with son on 22.4.2017! 

c.h.e.f andy



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