Best Value 3-course Lunch @ Top Table Temasek Polytechnic on 20Jul2017

salad with croutons & cherry tomatoes

my RI friend (& her hubby) organised a 5pax lunch at top table at temasek junior college on 20.7.2017. ^^

we did this a few times over the years. i counted maybe this the 3rd time at top table, once with CIA downstairs for asean cuisine in the classrooms & once at sugar loaf.

all these are by students of CIA-Temasek Poly Diploma in Culinary & Catering Management and CIA-SIT Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Food Business Management programs…

cream of cauliflower soup

the 3-course set lunch with coffee & cookies at S$13.80 is the best value meal anywhere i guess. ^^

there was a choice of salad or cream of cauliflower. i had the salad which was good, refreshing. did not try the cream of cauliflower but it looked pretty good, the right color & texture of a dish done right….

chicken with mushroom sauce, french beans & rice

the chicken looked like a chicken roulade pressed friend it was like the one i made quite a while back..a chicken ballotine..

chicken with mushroom sauce, french beans & rice

of course this one was beautiful served with the entire gamut of sauce & sides, so really quite a different proposition altogether.

ribeye roast of the day

they had limited servings of roast of the day.

we managed to get our order of ribeye roast, medium rare for me.

ribeye roast of the day

it was done excellently, basically like a prime rib, cut from an entire ribeye roast, hence the charring was on the rim & not on the flats like a grilled or pan-charred steak.

ribeye roast of the day

the steak itself was not the best cut, to be expected for a S$13.80 3-course set lunch. so there was some tendons & just a little bit tough for some parts, but basically a restaurant standard preparation, almost perfect! 🙂

pair of dessert

the pair of dessert was pretty good too, though not really my interest…

LS’s macadamia shortbread

LS the organiser made me some macadamia shortbread…very nice cookies…

LS’s macadamia shortbread

we had a wonderful lunch & great time catching up, and planning to come back for another lunch in a few weeks, during this period where the students are actively outting their their culinary & hospitality training to good practical use…

c.h.e.f andy


Top Table @ Temasek Polytechnic


Opening Hours (for a short period where the program is putting out actual lunches by students):

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