Recipe = Dry Wok King Prawns on 25Jul2018

i have not done this dish dry wok large prawns (recipe here) for maybe >3 years?

outstanding dish. all the friends loved it! ^^

we had a nice 虾录at loong hua recently,

and i decided to do this myself today. 🙂

thought of creating my own sweet sticky sauce, maybe using hoisin sauce & char siew sauce, but decided that my dry wok king prawns very nice on its own so no need.

looking at past posts, i did this quite a bit in 2013 & 2014, not in recent years.

so i rolled back the years & did my dry wok king prawns one more time. ^^

high fire, oil, slice & cut ginger, then added the prawns (i had 10 king prawns about 800g) & chopped garlic. turnover & fry the prawns thoroughly for even cooking, do not add water (water will result in steaming whereas this method burnt the shells giving bbq flavours and the prawns is insulated & baked within the shells).

then added lots of fish sauce while still on high fire, feel the wonderful fish sauce aroma. after reduce to medium low. make sure the prawns are cooked.

it was excellent, colours were beautiful, great bbq flavours, and nice sweet succulent prawns.

c..h.e.f andy


Recipe here

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