4pax Shabu + Crystalline Pork Trotters Dinner on 18Jul2018

4pax shabu dinner

after the “rip off” coffeeshop GST lunch by ye shanghai, sis & bil stayed for dinner & watch movies in the afternoon on 18.7.2018. ^^

i went to fetch 嬋兰姐 at 5.30pm to join our 4pax shabu dinner. 🙂

as i said so easy to do shabu hotpot. i had in the freezer the yellow beans flatfish stock leftover from my 2pax dinner with wife on 15.7.2018. 🙂

iberico pork & wagyu beef karubi plate

i had new iberico pork & wagyu beef karubi plate. 🙂

toman fish fillet

i bought snakehead (toman) fish fillet from sheng shiong the day before & washed & sliced the fish. 🙂

shabu hotpot

i also bought fish balls & beef balls from sheng shiong. 🙂

shabu dinner items

& i have leftover chinese cabbage, lettuce, shitake, enoki & abalone mushrooms.

crytalline pork trotters

crytalline pork trotters

& i experimented on my own recipe creation =crytalline pork trotters.

after having excellent trotters at 苏小柳 dimsum at basement of crystal galleria mall 晶品 in shanghai on 17.6.2018.

my crystalline pork trotters was very good, tasty, tender, wonderful bite & mouth feel 口感!

shabu dinner items

simple effortless 4pax dinner, and very shiok la!

after dinner, sis made kongfucha 功夫茶, a great closing for an enjoyable hotpot dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

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