Good Value S$13.80 Saba & Chirashi Don Lunch Set @ Sabar on 26Jun2018

saba S$13.80 lunch set 

my OPS HC bought 3pax lunch today at sabar at japan food town wisma L4 today on 26.6.2018. ^^

saba S$13.80 lunch set 

saba has a top value saba S$13.80 lunch set  promo=a mini chirashi don, udon with salad, 2 side dishes & chawanmushi…

grilled saba 

the grilled saba was excellent! fresh & sweet! 🙂

well, restaurant is called sabar…lol! 🙂

chicken kakiage 

chicken kakiage was good, if the usual.

unagi chawanmushi 

unagi was good…chawanmushi just usual..

chirashi don 

mini chirashi don though was poorer by quite a distance from the usual S$9.80 kaisen mountain mori la..

bil S$52 for 3pax nett 

overall S$13.80++pax for the set was still a good deal.

saba S$13.80 lunch set

but for me, even though the sabar was good, my main interest is still chirashi don, so i would rather go for the S$9.80 kaisen mountain mori! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy



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