Char Kuay Teow 1.0 (Recipe) on 1Jul2018

char kuay teow

made char kuay teow for myself this vening on 1.7.2018. ^^

of course i did not have kuay teow, so just use the little bit of leftover yellow noodles, char mee in that sense. lol! 🙂

char kuay teow 

actually the key ingredient in char kuay teow is the sweet dark sauce, unless you are making white char kuay teow.

char kuay teow 

i didn’t have much ingredients this evening, so just cut chilli padi, cut spring onions, chopped garlic, egg & some iberico pork.

char kuay teow 

very easy to make.

just add chopped garlic, cut chilli & spring onions in 1 tbsp oil & fry.

add iberico shabu pork (or small prawns) and sliced fish cakes, then add noodles (& kuay teow) after washed clean & drained in colander, and add 1 egg.

let egg white formed & browned a bit then mix the noodles & the egg.

add 1tbsp sweet dark sauce (to taste). all on high heat!

char kuay teow 

very good wok hae!

noodles very tasty & “pang”.

easy dish, nice to eat, but too much carbs la!

c.h.e.f andy

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