Yakisoba (Recipe) on 22Jun2018


made 1pax yakisoba this evening on 22.6.2018. ^^

had some shimeji mushrooms in the fridge.

also some iberico pork. 🙂


had yakisoba on 2 occasions during our recent OPS 5pax sakura trip to kyoto/nara/osaka on 6-13.4.2018. 🙂

once at street stalls at fushimi inari, another time at an okonomiyaki restaurant (above photo)..


does not seem much different from char kuay teow.

basically i fried some sliced onions then added minced garlic, then added the shimeji mushrooms & iberico pork & noodles.

i also decided to add some egg.

for the condiments i added tsuyu (soba sauce) and some mirin, about 1tbsp each for the small amount of noodles i had, anyhow to taste la. 🙂



yakisoba very tasty.

not sure how authentic, no pink pickled ginger, but otherwise very tasty & nice la…good wok hae…lol! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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