Wondeful Father’s Day 7pax Dinner @ Rubato on 20Jun2018


children bought me a fabulous father’s day dinner at rubato on 20.6.2018. ^^

we were here recently on 15.5.2018

and our favourite dish was the suckling pig. unfortunately we could not order one this evening.



fortunately, burrata was every bit as good.

cheese was soft & tasty, and the parma ham was good…

prawn tagliatelle 

we decided to order 3 pasta.

the prawn tagliatelle was pretty good.

my own was just as good la…

seafood pasta en papilotte

the basked seafood pasta in a bag (en papillote) was good.

in the past i generally didn’t like this method as pasta soggy & not al dente.

here they did it well, and the tomato sauce was flavourful too, nice! 🙂

squid ink pasta

squid ink pasta 

squidink pasta was good, very flavourful…

seafood pizza

the pizza was good too.

pork ribs

pork ribs 

w/o the suckling pig there was like not much other things to order.

we picked the pork ribs..not cheap maybe like S$36, but it was good..very tender ribs and tasty bbq flavours too.

lava cake

lava cake

children ordered the lava cake.

this not great..taste of chocolate was good but not much lava, below par i would say.



the apple tart was pretty good though.

a very enjoyable eening thanks to the 3 children who bought me father’s day dinner! ^^

c.h.e.f andy



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