Good Breakfast @ Skeabost Hotel Isles of Skye on 12Jun2017 (Day 4 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

breakfast at skeabost 

breakfast at skeabost was good too on 12.6.2017.^^

about same good breakfast as duisdale. 🙂

i guess full cooked breakfast always good anywhere in england, wales or scotland. lol! 🙂

breakfast at skeabost dining room 

a nice, spacious, bright dining room.

breakfast at skeabost 

there was buffet spread for cereals, cold cuts, cheese, juice, toast, cut fruits etc.

cold cuts & cheese 

prosciutto & salami were average. cheese ok too!

i guess if quantity is the reference, this would be better than duisdale since food about same & you can take more if you wish.

but nothing, & i mean nothing beats the breakfast at the gantocks fort williams by allan!^^

scottish breakfast 

the backgamon, farm sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs all about same as duisdalee.



the kippers were nice too, nicely smoked & flavourful. we were getting tired of smoked fish though after 3 consecutive days!

c.h.e.f andy



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