Expensive Skeabost Hotel Isles of Skye on 11Jun2017 (Day 3 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

skeabost hotel room

after a satisfied sampling of fresh oysters & 1/2 lobster at the oyster shed, 

we drove on & checked in at skeabost hotel on 11.6.2017.

another really expensive hotel, like it’s sister hotel, duisdale house hotel, where we stayed last evening.

skeabost hotel room 

room was large, but not as large and not as nicely appointed as duisdale.

skeabost hotel room toilet 

toilet was 1/2 the size of duisdale room toilet & not of the same class.

the entire location, ambience of the building and room did not impress like duisdale.

in terms of tariff, this place was even more expensive. duisdal was £428, but that included 2x£55 5-course degustation dinner. this one was £328/night for for bed & breakfast.

and the wifi really sucks! as bad as duisdale. don’t think it can be badder. no wifi (basically) in the room nor at the drawing room or dining hall (basically) if you try to upload any photos!

nespresso coffee in the room 

redemming grace – they did have a nespresso machine, and i managed to get some extra capsules from the service desk…that they were very friendly about! we are both coffee king, me a lot more than wife.wife had a strange episode here, one of 2 times in her life…

she woke up in the middle of the night feeling uneasy, and needed me to go to the car to get something…

it was drizzling. we both went to the main door. i took an umbrella & got to our car. a car stopped by at the main door at this time & a caucasian guy came in to ask for directions, said he was lost trying to locate his friend’s place to ask for directions. it was 2.30am. we helped him rang the calling bell at the service desk. no one came, as quite expected. he realised that it was odd & he left the place shortly. we then went back to our level 2 room.

c.h.e.f andy


Skeabost Hotel


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