Delicious Fish and Chips at Portree on 11Jun2017 (Day 3 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

highland bull

after the exhilarating views of kilt rock & mealt falls, and lealt gorge, lealt falls, cliffs & craggy coastlines,

we drove back to the picturesque portree.

highland bull

on the way wife sighted the highland bull, a magnificient creature & evidently with a murderous temper.



we stopped along a roadside parking a short turn from the tiny picturesque portree town centre & took some pictures.




the we drove down to the quay area.


there was a fish & chip sign entering the quay road to the quay area.

fish and chips

fish and chips

we ordered one takeaway fish & chips to share. it was £6.50..

the fish & chips was delicious, quite excellent!

fish batter was very crisp, nicely browned, sweet & tasty, especially with salt & vinegar.

it was certainly nostalgic. fish & chips was like among the first food i had some 40yrs ago when i first arrived in england. 🙂

fish and chips @ portree

there was a queue forming up for the restaurant next to the fish & chips joint. the fish & chips place itself, no much queue, just couple of guys in front of us.

pink guest house portree

on the other side was the pink guesthouse.

instant noodles


we stopped by the quay area to eat the fish & chips.

then we bought couple grocery items at the supermarket.

we bought some instant noodles, and strawberries. there was an american tourist guy. he was refused a wine purchase at the check-out because he had his daughter with him, and the staff asked to verify her age. they did not let him buy the wine.very strict, i guess necessary! 🙂

afterwards we returned to skeabost hotel room, shared a packet of instant noodles & took the strawberries.

c.h.e.f andy


Fish & Chips


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