Good Breakfast @ Duisdale House Hotel Isle of Skye on 11Jun2017 (Day 3 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

breakfast @ duisdale house hotel

we had a good breakfast the next morning on 11.6.2017. ^^

though not as good as breakfast at gantocks, a fraction of the price!

duisdale is a nice luxury boutique hotel of course. nice room, nice view etc.

the wifi totally sucks, but that seems to be the general case all hotels & B&B during our stay in isle of skye with the exception of UIG lodge.

for me i think the tariff for a night stay with dinner & breakfast is quite ridiculous at £428!

breakfast @ duisdale house hotel

anyhow, since we already booked & paid, might as well enjoyed it!

for breakfast, we both picked fresh fruit salad. & the toast & juice came. service was ok,

but be it food or service, they were just nothing like what we had at the gantocks (at <<< than 1/2 the  price)!

given a choice i would NOT stay here….

full scottish breakfast

the full scottish breakfast was wholly competent,

but then again, just looking at the photos of the breakfast at gantocks & here at duisdale (& even the plating & presentation), it is quite evident the gantocks is better la… 🙂

loch fyne kippers

the kippers was a large serving, and wife liked it.

it was not too salty, and nicely flavourful smoking. among the better kippers i had. very well done.

after breakfast we checked out. we had already decided on our itinerary – the first visit was to fairy pools at glenbrittle. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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