Very Good £55 5-course Dinner at Duisdale Restaurant Isles of Skye on 10Jun2017 (Day 2 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

starters – amuse bouche

our stay package at duisdale house hotel included a £55 5-course dinner at duisdale restaurant on 10.6.2017. ^^

duisdale restaurant 2 AA rosette, so ok place…5-course dinner price looked ok too depending on the quality of food…that turned out to be very good!

the b&b stay though was ridiculously expensive but the alternatives are equally expensive in this sleat peninsula location..there is no need to stay here though as a lot of cheap b&b in isles of skye eg broadford near the straits…

starters – amuse bouche

the amuse bouche of salmon bruschetta, a croquette & a beetroot foam was quite good.

bread & brioche

bread was nice, but nothing great…

#1 beetroot ensemble

the beetroot ensemble was fantastic, very exciting!

quite special, all differnt texture from crisp to a mousse & very tasty! all the different presentation of beetroot.

#1 beetroot ensemble

since jaan days i have never had such a great beetroot dish!

#2 pan seared scallops

scallop was excellent…very good standard…

#2 pan seared scallops

of course i have taken good pan seared scallops in many places, but this was still very good. & very large scallops too. a great side of asparagus…

#3 pigeon breast

pigeon breast was good too. tender, probably sous vide, and sweet.

#3 pigeon breast

again a very good standard!

#4 halibut was excellent

& i loved the halibut!

#4 halibut was excellent

halibut is among the top quality fish, and this was a good preparation.

fish texture was firm, nicely seared, sweet & tasty, and good vegetable sides.

#4 sous vide duck breast

the other choice of main was duck breast.

#4 sous vide duck breast

it was very well done.

seems odd to have pigeon as appetiser & duck breast as main. anyhow, duck was very tender & flavourful.

#4 sous vide duck breast

the fat did not feel oily & gave the meat a very smooth and flavourful taste.

#5 dessert

#5 dessert

dessert was less our thing.

can’t really recall now..this one looks like some fig, ice crea, and perhaps a mousee.

though presentation was great, the overall experience was a nice ok dessert. nothing special..

#6 dessert 

this one looks like some strawberry, terrine & ice cream.

#6 dessert

both dessert were competent.

for  £55, i would consider this 5-course dinner very good standard, and very enjoyable & worthwhile dinner.

terrace outside restaurant

the service was a little less so.

we came for the later session at 8pm, and though we have booked the table & time & obviously we had prepaid for the dinner at the time of booking, we were taken to an inner table in a small hall with poor ambience. fortunately some diners vacated & we were able to get a good table by the window looking out to the terrace. still bright at 8.15pm

c.h.e.f andy


duisdale restaurant


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