Great Stay, Wonderful Host, Superb Breakfast @ The Gantocks Fort Williams on 10Jun2017 (Day 2 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

dining room

we were at three sisters carpark contemplating if we should hike the lost valley.

weather was unpredictable & it looked like we just about having some sunshine, and we were uncertain of the weather the next day & whether we should just get on with the hike. but it was 3.30pm & the return hike would take us 3-4hrs.

so we picked the easy option & decided to drive on to the falls of glencoe down the road A82,

and then to glencoe lochan to take a leisurely lakeside stroll before moving on to fort williams where we booked a bed & breakfast at the Gantocks for the evening.

after glencoe lochan, we arrived at the Gantocks about 5.30pm. earlier in the day, sandra had messaged us if we could arrive earlier so they could leave for a dinner evening out with i think her sister. once we decided that we were not hiking the lost valley, we messaged that we would be early. sandra greeted us and informed that she decided to stay & greet us & not to go out for the evening in any case should we be late. 🙂

the room and ensuite toilet was good size & comfortable, and facing loch linhe. i think they only have 3 rooms including ours & they were all taken this evening.

we got some details of dining places & drove the short 2mins drive to lime tree restaurant & fort williams town centre,

and managed to dine at the lime tree restaurant, among the best dinner we had during this trip at fort williams & isles of skye.

dining room

next morning we had among the best breakfast i had in b&b in uk on 10.6.2017! ^^

dining room is nicely appointed & has many books.

breakfast at the Gantocks

2 other couples joined us later, a younger couple from germany & another older couple from liverpool if i remembered correctly…great folks & we had nice chat during breakfast..

freshly baked scones, bread & shortcakes

allan made excellent scones & bread, and i may say everything else! 🙂

freshly baked scones

scones were great with butter & homemade jam.

quality museli

& very good quality museli which i took.

oven grilled red grapefruit

wife took the oven grilled red grapefruit. it was truly excellent. warm, just slight sweet combining well with the naturally sour taste.

raspberry mousse palate cleanser

& we even had a palate cleanser – a raspberry mousse…this truly restaurant standard.

scottish full breakfast

& an excellent scottish full breakfast- good quality back bacon, good farm sausages, and musrroms & potatoes. great stuff.

i have had good breakfast in cornwall & exmoor b&b, average 0r above ones at conwy. this one is really good, and the additional touches of grapefruit, palate cleanser, & freshly baked scones & bread would make it the best!


we were kind of not high in case, and had wanted to pay for the b&b stay with credit card. allan said there was a charge of 5% or £7 added to the  £140 tariff. he said they were ok if we pay later using debit card when we were back in london! as we were travelling to iceland the next day upon arrival in london, we somehow forgot to do this & we did first thing immediately upon return to london 2 weeks later. good folks, allan & sandra, and great hosts.

c.h.e.f andy


The Gantocks


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