Recipe = Mala Pot Dish 麻辣香锅 on 24Mar2020

mala spiced pot with salmon head 麻辣香锅

mala spiced pot with salmon head 麻辣香锅

mala spiced pot with salmon head 麻辣香锅2

mala spiced pot with salmon head 麻辣香锅

made my own 麻辣香锅this evening on 24.3.2020.^^

nothing to it..


this my own concoction did not read any online recipe (yet), so maybe bo pa keh…

but who cares…it’s tasty and shiok ok la…

just champoh everything sliced ginger, chopped garlic, chopped shallot, cut yellow onions, chinese cabbage stems & fry with oyster sauce. add 2tbsp 老干妈mala sauce.

then add fish head, fry & add water, egg plant, white cabbage leaves, cover 5mins, then add spring onions to garnish.

heavenly! delicious!

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = The Best Fresh Prime Ribs Bakuteh on 27Mar2020

fall off the bone

fall off the bone fresh prime ribs bakuteh


ilc bkt spices

fresh prime ribs bkt4

fresh prime ribs bakuteh

made fresh prime ribs bakuteh on 27.3.2020.^^

bakuteh is so easy to do, one of the easiest dish to make anytime at home la…

i like ilc bkt spices…also don’t mind tai seng kong…but still most preferred ilc.

it is like guaranteed good, as good as any of the good bkt out there really.

i used frozen prime ribs too, but there is a difference so i sometimes use fresh prime ribs which cost double like S$21.95/kg.

one important tip is to get the prime ribs with fat marbling. for fresh prime ribs, i get the smaller ends and make sure it has fat layers and marbling stripes…not the thick end which is very meaty.  for frozen ribs, quite easy to pick, get same fat layering and stripes and the slightly thicker ones not down to the bones…the difference here is that the frozen ribs are not like the huge thick pieces fresh prime ribs, so the thicker ones still thinner than the thin ends of the fresh ribs.

cooking is straight forward-

  1. cut ribs (700g-1kg). blanch in boiling water, wash and clean.
  2. boil 1.5l water, add the ilc spice packet (i used the 30g for 1kg meat packet here), and 1 whole bulb garlic, peeled or if lazy no need peel, cook for 1hr 15mins
  3. and basically that’s it!

i like my ribs falling off the bones but still with bite, so i do about 1 hr 10-15mins not more. if prefer softer then 1.5hrs.

really very shiok!

c.h.e.f andy

RI Bro 2pax Homecooked Dinner on 25Mar2020

2pax homecooked dinner with CCG

2pax homecooked dinner with CCG

CCG came by for 2pax dinner this evening on 25.3.2020. we were supposed to have 6pax metamorphosis bros dinner at ah yat this evening, but decided last minute not to gather becos of covid.

CCG said he was free anyway so decided to drop by and i would make simple dinner for 2.

  1. sausage claypot rice
  2. bakuteh
  3. mala sliced pork & vege 麻辣香锅

sausage rice was very good, very flavourful.

bakuteh always good, even though i used frozen prime ribs which cost 1/2 of fresh ribs.

mala sliced pork & vege 麻辣香锅 was new, inspired by the recent riverside grilled fish 重庆烤鱼.

i used fried yellow onions and chinese cabbage stems with chopped garlic as a base and added bkt soup as stock and reduced. cooked to soften the stems. then added the cabbage leaves and 2tbsp 老干妈mala chilli sauce. then i added very thin sliced pork loin, stirred and off fire. then cut scallions to garnish.

it was a very tasty dish, but maybe not quite enough mala. will experiment a bit more.

c.h.e.f andy



Very Good Grilled Fish @ Riverside Grilled Fish on 23Mar2020

重庆烤鱼excellent grilled fish

重庆烤鱼excellent grilled fish

OPS bro bought 4pax early birthday lunch for WM@ riverside grilled fish B1 raffles city on 23.3.2020.^^

there was a S$28 重庆烤鱼promotion include 2 drinks & 2 rice.

also S$12 promotion- there are like 8 selection ..we ordered 口水鸡 and 牛腩 braised beef belly..this the best 牛腩i had in singapore! 👍👍

口水鸡 tender & must be taken with a bit of chilli oil to taste the flavour.

the main attraction is the 香辣重庆烤鱼..there are choice of like 7 flavours..we choose 香辣

they use patin instead of the usual seabass & patin my favourite fish la! this dish really excellent motakting!👍👍👍

HC added luncheon meat which was really nice soaked in chilli & taukee bean curd skin..also added roti prata & noodles..both were excellent infused with chilli oil..

there was no tempearture taking but server gave us alcohol cleanser to clean our hands..the covid ready chopsticks & spoon came in a plastic bag (sterilised???) ….we do our part using serving chopsticks & spoon.

there is big seating only 2 tables later on added a <10% natural distancing la!

we came 2.30pm offpeak. HC said lunch time anout 30%-40% full..

lunch with all the promotions about S$80 for 4pax..really shiok satisfying lunch.

we had the birthday cake for WM..a soft light chocolate cake great texture from chataraise clementi mall…

after that we went to toastbox..this almost constantly full capacity hard to achieve physical distancing even with X markings..

c.h.e.f andy


daily 11am–10pm

Super Delicious 7pax Family Peranakan Homecooked Dinner on 19Mar2020

7pax homecooked peranakan dinner

7pax homecooked peranakan dinner

assam fish head2

assam fish head

bak wang (aka meat balls) her pio3

bak wang (aka meat balls) her pio soup

mada 7pax peranakan home dinner inc aunty bes on 19.3.2020.^^

i made –

  1. bak wang (aka meat balls) her pio soup very sweet with chinese cabbage, stock and meat balls. meat balls were tasty…
  2. assam emperor snapper (ang sai) head👍👍 children all loved the assam sauce
  3. beef rendang was perfect👍👍👍 (recipe here)
  4. sambal sotong 👍👍
  5. eggplant (not crispy as i did not deepfry)

had a wonderful delicious family dinner. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Authentic Flavourful Delicious Beef Rendang on 19Mar2020

beef rendang

beef rendang

first time i make beef rendang on 19.3.2020.^^

was inspired by E’s mom, L. they invited us for peranakan home dinner 2 weeks back. 🙂

It was excellent!..

the fragrance when you lift the lid like any excellent rendang in a good restaurant..quite super la!

my first time! should be able go reproduce..

I bought 500g frozen beef cubes (chuck) from sheng shiong & i used happy family cheap rendang paste (2 for S$3.50)



  • 500g beef cubes (i cut each into 4 smaller cubes)
  • 1 packet happy family rendang sauce paste (200g)
  • 1 packet coconut milk 200g
  • 1 medium yellow onions
  • 3tbsp kerisik (desiccated coconut)


  1. fry 3tbsp kerisik till brown not burnt. remove.
  2. cut beef into smaller cubes & blanched with boiling water, clean & drain dry
  3. fry onions & chopped garlic, then add rendang paste & fry, then add beef cubes
  4. fry beef cubes, then add little water. continue to fry for 15mins..add water and simmer another 1hr 30mins.
  5. add coconut milk and reduce 15mins to almost no liquids..(beef very tender & internal very moist..)..some oil will be rendered out of the coconut milk giving a beautiful typical orange red tinge..add back the toasted kerisik…rendang will smell fantastic!!!

c.h.e.f andy

Still Best Chinese Herbal Mutton Soup @ Chai Chuan Tou on 19Mar2020

chai chuan tou chinese herbal mutton soup

柴船头chai chuan tou chinese herbal mutton soup

my OPS bro bought chinese 5pax herbal mutton soup @ 柴船头chai chuan tou bukit merah view on 19.3.2020.^^.

4pax OPS bros plus RI bro LKY.

excellent S$7 mutton rib soup as good as before though LKY & WT found it salty.

S$1 more than before….

for me it was good as before! perfecto!

c.h.e.f andy


Chai Chuan Tou Chinese Mutton Soup 柴船头羊肉汤

8th HCA 3 Dishes 35pax Lunch for HCA Hospice Care on 17Mar2020

3 dishes for 35pax HCA fortnightly lunch

3 dishes for 35pax HCA fortnightly lunch

made my 8th HCA Hospice Care lunch today on 17.3.2020.^^

with covid-19, reduced to 35pax for the current period..

I checked with HCA repeatedly..they ok to proceed with lunch..

i made-

  1. curry chicken with potatoes
  2. mala pork soft bones
  3. fried carrots & cabbage

LCM came to my place to help and ferry the food to HCA together.

after HCA, we went for lunch at toa payoh lorong 8.

c.h.e.f andy

Recipe = Prawn Alio Olio on 14Mar2020

prawn alio olio

prawn alio olio

made 1pax prawn alio olio at home on 14.3.2020. ^^

absolutely delicious, super tasty. 🙂

something really easy to do-

  1. brown some garlic cloves in olive oil, add cut chilli padi.
  2. off fire add tasty chicken stock and white wine, and reduced by 1/2 (amount of liquid depends amount of past..i use very little pasta maybe <80g).
  3. cook spaghetti 1min before time (in this case 7mins…actually i just look and try texture)
  4. add prawns to sauce, cook prawns just right, off fire, and add spaghetti, add 15g butter and toss,


simple delicious dish.

c.h.e.f andy

9pax RI + OPS Homecooked Dinner on 12Mar2020

claypot chicken rice2

claypot chicken rice

song fish head3

meensi (aujeon) lime sour plum song fish head

dinner dishes

dinner dishes

made 9 dishes for 9pax RI + OPS bros dinner on 12.3.2020.^^

in lieu of my canceled kyushu trip and now canceled JB trip due to covid-19. sigh..

& LKY brought his legendary sio bak!

i made-

  1. claypot chicken rice
  2. meen si (taujeon) lime sour plum song fush head 松鱼头
  3. assam pork ribs (peranakan dish first time)
  4. salted fish steamed pork ribs
  5. 食之为鲜tofu prawns
  6. sambal sotong (peranakan dish first time)
  7. fried egg plant with chilli (peranakan dish first time)
  8. fried salted fish with heart of celery (my sis dish)
  9. thai basil wok fried mussels (unfortunately i overcooked this very tasty dish)

WM brought J’s beancurd sheet ginkyo nuts egg dessert
LCH brought cider
CCG as usual brought too many nonya kueh

after makan, we had birthday cake for CCG…

CCG – “Thanks to Andy and the Band of Brothers to come together to celebrate my BD… As usual , Andy took trouble to cook up an Andylicious meal of Claypot rice, pork ribs, tofu with prawns, steam fish, egg plants with chilli, salted minced pork, celery and then he surprised me with the BD cake… Thank you Band of Brothers. God bless”.

the band of bros certainly had a great time together, and not the first time…

this good fellowship for my primary school OPS bros and secondary RI bros who are quite acquainted.. unfortunately WT had running nose and being socially responsible, did not come..

we all had a great time together, good dishes and better company and fun. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy